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BREAKING NY NEWS: Strong Fair Elections Supporter Prevails in Critical State Senate Race

This morning Fair Elections supporter Cecilia Tkaczyk officially became the newest state senator in New York, after all the votes were finally counted. Cecilia Tkaczyk's victory is a major boost to the campaign for publicly financed Fair Elections in New York. 

Paul Ryan raising money with billionaire who said the wealthy have "insufficient influence" in politics

Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Rep. Paul Ryan is scheduled to attend a fundraiser on Friday in Chicago co-chaired by hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin.

Earlier this year, Griffin  told the Chicago Tribune that the ultra-wealthy “actually have an insufficient influence” in our political system.

New Poll: Voters Will Hold Candidates Accountable for Working For Donors

Voters in battleground congressional districts are intensely concerned about the corruption of our democratic system by big donations and during this partisan season, money-in-politics is one issue that crosses party lines, according to new polling conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and released today by Democracy Corps and Public Campaign Action Fund.

You can download the full polling memo.

Wisconsin Senate Republican Tommy Thompson Raising Money From Big Oil

On Wednesday, as Wisconsin Senate candidate and former governor Tommy Thompson (R) was forced to defend statements he made about turning Medicare into a voucher program similar to what was proposed in the Paul Ryan budget he has supported, he was scheduled to attend an “oil and gas industry luncheon” in Washington, D.C—an industry whose billions in subsidies

Mitt Romney: Corporations are people, but I don't know about those teachers unions

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney criticized political spending by teachers unions today, saying, “I think we have to get the money out of the teachers' unions going into campaigns.”

Let's do some math.

Declaration for Accountable Democracy

Public Campaign Action Fund, Public Citizen, Common Cause, and People For The American Way--organizations representing hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens—announced a new campaign today urging federal candidates to declare their support for legislation to restore transparency and accountability in political spending, limit corrosive influence of big money on campaigns, make elections fair, and enhance the opportunity to participate.

Obama's Big Money Bundlers

While President Obama may preach the importance of grassroots donors, he has become increasingly reliant on big money bundlers. The Obama campaign consistently touts those that chip in $5, $10, even $75 dollars, arguing that they are the ones who "make the difference" in email blasts. But it's Hollywood elites, financial heavyweights, and business associates who give big bucks that are being lavished with attention.

Mitt Romney's Big NYC Fundraiser

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will return to New York City on Friday for a “seated breakfast” fundraiser at the Hilton New York, according to an invitation obtained by the Sunlight Foundation.

The event boasts over 100 co-chairs, including Wall Street executives, some of the country’s wealthiest Americans, and major donors to the Romney-aligned super PAC, Restore Our Future (some fit into more than one of these categories).
Here are a few standouts:

Romney Super PAC Backer, Scotts Miracle Gro, Fined $12M for Environmental Violations

Lawn and garden company Scotts Miracle-Gro will pay $12.5 million in civil and criminal penalties on charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company pleaded guilty Friday to applying a toxic insecticide to its birdseed and falsifying pesticide registrations and agreed to pay a $4 million fine.

Access at the DNC

"About six blocks."