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Abramoff Emails Show How Money Targeted to Republicans

We know how it works. We know that lobbyists use campaign contributions every day on Capitol Hill to secure legislative favors. But until we had Jack Abramoff and all his emails, did we ever have such an inside view?

AP reports that a series of emails show that "Abramoff's team repeatedly discussed donations as the reason Republican leaders should intervene for the Saginaw." Abramoff's team successfully sought money for the tribe to secure federal school building money.

Here's an email from Abramoff deputy Todd Boulanger:

The Wives Club

UPI is reporting via the New York Times that the there are so many wives popping up in the FBI’s investigation of Abramoff and his dealings that they have dubbed them “The Wives Club.”

We know about DeLay’s wife and her fundraising related salaries. I’m curious to see who else made their elected position and/or illegal activities a “family” business.

Dissecting Rudy's plea: Looking at the timeline

Paul Kane of Roll Call (subscription req'd) writes up something that has been on my mind all weekend: Just how long did these illegal activities go on while these staffers were in Tom DeLay's office paid for by our tax dollars? As one reader emailed, will the "Sargeant Schultz defense" -- "I saw nothing!" -- work for Tom DeLay? Not very credible, particularly with Ed Buckham's plea coming next, and with all the fundraising lines in and out of DeLay's committees.



I'll admit it. My kids have a hard time understanding exactly what I do for a living. They know I sit in front of a computer, talk on the phone a lot, and do something about Tom DeLay, but they have a hard time understanding that, as compared to their friends parents who are teachers, lawyers, etc. Maybe this poem by Hart Seely, which appeared in the New York Times, can help?


Here's a small portion -- but go read it all.


This is the Jack,

Rudy's lobbying trail

Another tip on Tony Rudy's factual proffer. In violation of the Ethics statutes with he lobbied "the leadership staff of Representative #2 on legislation affecting automobile emissions." Representative #2, remember is Tom DeLay. During that time, Rudy was a registered lobbyist for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. How much has Tom DeLay raised from automobile makers?


Details emerge

In Tony Rudy's factual proffer, he stipulated that this was true:


9. The things of value corruptly given to Rudy and others included, but were not limited to, repeated travel, golf fees, frequent restaurant meals, entertainment, election support for candidates for government and employment for relatives of officials.


More information on Rudy guilty plea

TPMMuckraker is on top of this as always. Here is the Information document, and here is TPPM's analysis. They think there's no conclusive evidence that DeLay, who is mentioned as "Representative #2" in the document, is on or off the hook. Rep. Bob Ney, though, is another matter. There's also no mention of Ed Buckham, for those of you keeping score at home.

The Reform That Wasn't

David has a new article up at TomPaine.com on the Senate's latest "reform" bill - and just how ineffective it is. Check it out here.

Context on Rudy pleading

We’ll likely see the Tony Rudy pleading document later today, and in it there will be more details. For now, here’s some quick analysis:


DeLay Aide Agrees To Plead Guilty In Lobbying Scandal

Two days after Abramoff was sentenced, Tony Ruby, a former top DeLay aide, has agreed to plead guilty to fraud charges. It was widely believed that Rudy was “Staffer A” in the Abramoff plea agreement which stated that:

“on behalf of clients who wanted to stop Internet gambling and postal rate legislation, paid $50,000 in 10 equal monthly payments beginning in June 2000 to Rudy's wife while Rudy was a top aide to DeLay.”