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There’s no relationship between Clean Elections and extreme policies

Every time political operatives or business interests in Arizona are embarrassed by an extreme proposal emerging from conservative elected officials in their state, they conveniently point the finger at the state’s Clean Elections program. Without Clean Elections, they claim, the state would be just like everywhere else. It’s a canard being propagated by opponents of the Clean Elections program because they don’t like how it’s diminished their own power.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake is Flat Wrong About Arizona Clean Elections

By: David Donnelly and Adam Smith

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake wrote a piece today about SB 1062, the controversial bill passed by the Arizona legislature that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay customers and others on the basis of “religious objections."

2011's Top 10 Money in Politics Stories

At protests across the country Occupiers fought back against a political system that too often looks out for their 1% campaign donors, the supercommittee made influencing-peddling easier for special interests, and the Supreme Court once again sided with big money. Those events and more make up our 2011 list of top money-in-politics stories. 

Check out the full list and if you have your own suggestions for items we left off, leave them in the comments below.

1. Occupy’s Message Delivered

Election 2011: Down Goes Russell Pearce!

Fierce Clean Elections opponent, Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R), was handily defeated in his recall election last night. The Huffington Post reported on the news last night. Pearce opponent, Jerry Lewis "won with roughly 54 percent of the vote," state officials announced on Tuesday evening.

The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and the Pay-to-play D.C. Culture from the Preeminent Expert in the Field

A recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from October 31 through November 4, 2011.

The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and Just the Guy We've Been Longing to Hear From on Income Inequality

Here's a recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from October 24 through October 28, 2011.

Arizona Clean Elections Foe Targeted in Mailer for Taking Tainted Contributions

Facing a recall election, Arizona state Senate President Russell Pearce (R) is being targeted by Public Campaign Action Fund with a political mailer for accepting trips and contributions from an organization accused of illegal behavior.

ARIZONA: Clean Elections Supporters Take to the Courts to Block Repeal Measure

On Friday supporters of the Arizona Clean Elections law filed a lawsuit to block a Clean Elections repeal measure from reaching the ballot. The East Valley Tribune covered the suit, as did The Arizona Republic.

Arizona Clean Elections Repeal Measure Heads to 2012 Ballot, Fight Just Beginning

Last night, the Arizona state legislature voted to send to the ballot a measure that would repeal the popular and successful Clean Elections law, which voters passed at the ballot in 1998. Opponents of the law, backed by wealthy special interests determined to return to calling the shots in the state Capitol, were finally able to pass a repeal measure after years of trying.

Sorry, can't legislate--gotta fundraise

Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams, who recently had to pay back money for legally tenuous free trips he got from the Fiesta Bowl, is doing all he can to pass legislation that would send a repeal of the state's Clean Elections system to the ballot--something that would be a victory for the special interests in the state.