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Ney Staffer Sentenced

Neil Volz, former chief of staff to Rep. Bob Ney (now rep-ing the Morgantown Federal Correction Institution) was sentenced to two years probation today for his role in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling scandal. Volz, who cooperated with prosecutors to gather evidence about Ney about about White House official David Safavian, also worked for Abramoff for a time.

Light Sentence, Long Investigation

The former chief of staff to ex-Rep. Bob Ney who wore a wire to help convict his old boss has avoided jail time for his involvement in the still-unfolding Jack Abramoff scandal. Though Will Heaton will be on probation for two years, his cooperation with authorities has spared him a stint behind bars. Ney, of course, was not so lucky and is currently serving a 30 month sentence.


Background on Ney Saga

As the ex-chief of staff to ex-Rep. Bob Ney awaits his sentencing for his role in the Jack Abramoff influence-peddling scandal, details emerge about his cooperation with the FBI to bring down his boss. Will Heaton, who was Ney's chief of staff for five years, wore a wire during key conversations with Ney, and his cooperation proved pivotal in the prosecution of the lawmaker.

Somebody's Going to Jail...

Bob Ney reported to prison yesterday to begin serving his 2+ years sentence on federal corruption charges stemming from his relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. His former chief of staff William Heaton pleaded guilty Tuesday in connection with the same corruption inquiry.


Ney Sentenced

Disgraced former Rep.

What is a bribe?

The New York Daily News has a story regarding the tripling of FBI agents working Capitol Hill on their corruption probes. We've all known about Abramoff, Ney, DeLay, Cunningham, and Jefferson for quite some time. But now the number of investigators is expanding some more.


For decades, only one squad in Washington handled corruption cases because the crimes were seen as local offenses handled by FBI field offices in lawmakers' home districts.


From Ney's Pleading Docs

Bob Ney admitted that Jack Abramoff bribed him to lobby Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) when Martinez was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


So what?


Well, within a month of leaving HUD to run for the U.S. Senate, Mel Martinez was treated to a $250,000 fundraiser, hosted by Abramoff. What do you think Martinez did for Jack? [Keep the tips coming!]

New Ad in Ohio

We've launched a new radio ad in Ohio asking all candidates seeking to replace disgraced Rep. Bob Ney to sign the Voters First Pledge to clean up Congress and put Ney's corrupt legacy behind them. Listen to the ad here.

Rotten at the Core

The Washington Post bids farewell to Rep. Bob Ney, and makes the excellent point that without substantive changes to the system that bred this corruption, one lawmaker's punishment is a band-aid on a gaping wound.

Details of Volz Testimony

Volz sheds light on Abramoff's practice of identifying "champions" in government, then lavishing them with gifts to get favors for his clients. The Washington Post has more on his testimony, as well as a picture of those who participated in Abramoff's now-infamous 2002 golfing junket just before they took off for Scotland. Smile, boys.