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42 Lobbyists Raised $9 Million For Mitt Romney From July to September

“Some of the highest-level positions in a potential Romney administration are expected be filled by former lobbyists and Washington insiders,” Politico reported on Monday.

Romney: 'Frankly What I Need You to Do Is to Raise Millions of Dollars'

That’s what Mitt Romney said to the donors gathered at a Florida fundraiser, who had paid $50,000 each to attend. He told them “that’s by far the most important thing you can do,” because in his words, “advertising makes a difference.”

Obama's Big Money Bundlers

While President Obama may preach the importance of grassroots donors, he has become increasingly reliant on big money bundlers. The Obama campaign consistently touts those that chip in $5, $10, even $75 dollars, arguing that they are the ones who "make the difference" in email blasts. But it's Hollywood elites, financial heavyweights, and business associates who give big bucks that are being lavished with attention.

USA Today: 25 Percent of Romney's 1200 Bundlers Are From the Financial Sector

In June, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign invited 100 of its top fundraisers to Park City, Utah for a retreat to meet with Romney and his staff and learn about campaign strategy. Those who raised more than $100,000 were expected to attend, according to the Washington Post.

Why Won't Mitt Romney Release His Bundlers?

Karl Rove, the main strategist behind the outside spending juggernaut American Crossroads, will speak at a donor retreat for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign this weekend. Former Sen.

Shhhhh! Romney's Big Money Bundlers Remain a Secret

On Saturday, the Washington Post editorialized on presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's secret campaign bundlers, noting that "The difference between President Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney when it comes to fundraising is not only that Mr.

PCAF Statement on Romney's $24 Million Haul: Release Your Bundlers

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a statement upon the news of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's huge haul of campaign cash in the 4th quarter.

From the statement: "...Governor Romney should release the names of those who are bundling hundreds of thousands of big money donations for his campaign. We demand that he provide the public with at least the most basic information about who he is relying on to fuel his campaign."

Breaking Up Bundles

The New York Times addresses Mssrs. McCain and Obama on the subject of bundling advising both should pledge to make it a priority to rein in the practice should be elected President. The Times goes a step further and says that while addressing bundling is important, full public financing of campaigns should be the ultimate goal.

Back for More

Research done by Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project has revealed that though the candidates in this year's presidential race may be different than in years past, the big donors sure aren't -- at least when it comes to the migration of President Bush's best bundlers to the donor rolls of Sen. John McCain's campaign.

Bagging the Bundlers

In these campaign contribution-limited times, the big-money bundlers to the presidential campaigns are worth their weight in gold (check or credit card also accepted). McCain, whose Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act helped establish current federal campaign contribution limits, is out-raising Obama on the bundler front but neither man is exactly eschewing the practice that many have called a loophole for big donor influence.