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DeLay's Last Supper

Mark Liebovich writes in today's Washington Post that a "heaping helping of devotion" was served up at the American Conservative Union's tribute to Tom DeLay last night. Only about 30 Republican House members were in attendance as guest dined on chocolate hammers and speakers "skewered" Democrats and members of the news media.

Brick by brick a wall is built... how does it crumble?

Anne Kornblut of the New York Times has a piece leading off the "Week In Review" section today, complete with a huge picture of a smiling Tom DeLay with hand outstretched, that answers the question, Why are Republicans standing by their man?

Her answers are found here (emphasis added):

Tie an anchor to an anchor

More news

To show his support, President Bush is going to give Tom DeLay a ride on Air Force One today from Washington to Galveston after they both attend an event on Bush's social security plan, reports the Los Angeles Times. This time it's all of us taxpayers who are footing the bill for Tom DeLay's travel.

Bush backs DeLay

It's incredible that he's even being asked. From Congress Daily:


Bush Lends DeLaySupport; Hastert Defends Rules Changes

WaPo: DeLay vulnerable in district

Last year, no one believed that DeLay was touchable in his district. A first-time candidate, Richard Morrison, wwas running against him, and DeLay had an enough cash advantage.

Acts of desperation on Social Security

This is pathetic. DeLay is going after AARP, just a year after the 35 million member organization gave the GOP a big endorsement on Bush's Medicare plan. I'm sure this is going down real well with those GOP members representing "marginal" districts that could go Democratic next time.

The Hubris!

Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, commenting on the opportunities for the Republicans this Congress in the Financial Times:

DeLay's private speech on Social Security was turning point

RE: Bush/DeLay Privatization Plan

DeLay signals no backing down on Bush/DeLay Privatization Plan

From the Washington Post: