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Press on Schaffer Ad

The ad Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project released yesterday on Colorado Senate candidate Bob Schaffer's connections to Jack Abramoff and campaign contributions from factory owners in the Northern Mariana Islands got some attention from Colorado press, including the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post.

Keith and Dave

Keith Olbermann, host at MSNBC, and Dave Letterman talk about the presidential race, campaign contributions, and public financing of elections in this clip courtesy of Crooks and Liars. Awesome!

Donkeys and Elephants, Giving Together

Today's Politico notes the trend among stalwart Republican lobbyists and ex-legislators of giving an increasing amount of money to Democrats as the "price of doing business" with a Democrat-controlled Congress. Among those writing checks across the aisle is lobbyist and ex-Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA), for whom apparent contradiction is the order of day: according to the article his big clients include Northrup Grumman and the Girl Scouts. Now there's a merit badge opportunity.

Half a Billion and Counting

More than six months away from election day already the three remaining presidential candidates have already raised double what was raised in the entirety of the 2004 presidential contest. Nearly half a billion dollars has flowed to the coffers of Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama, and more than half of that has come in donations of $1,000 or more.

Change of Agenda

Charlie Cray of the Center for Corporate Policy writes on Alternet a bout how much is likely to change when a new President is elected this year. Bottom line: not much, unless several reforms -- including full public financing of elections -- are instituted to curb the influence of corporate money on candidates and policy.

No matter who sits in the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., much of the power real estate in DC will be occupied by the same folks:

Big Waste

How comfortable are you with the idea that the metric by which we determine how nuclear waste is disposed of could be campaign contributions? A Utah-based company seeking a contract to import nuclear waste for processing at their facility is throwing money at key members of Congress in an effort to advance their interests, over the objections of environmental groups.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Post Office's get named after people all the time, they're just usually dead first.


Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is trying to name a post office after Cyndi Taylor Krier, who just happens to be a lobbyist for financial services giant USAA.


Plane Truth

Hee hee. Our own Nancy Watzman also writes for the Politics West section of the Denver Post and today she takes on links between campaign contributions and recent legislative favors to the banking and airline industries to discuss the fates of Frontier Airlines vs. Franny Airlonowitz.

How strange that for all political rhetoric about caring for the needs of the people/helping hard-working Americans/family values etc., so often corporations go to the front of the line:

Out of House and Loan

Senators took swift action in the face of the mounting mortgage crisis to provide desperately needed relief to...home manufacturers? Don't suppose this has anything to do with recent threats by the National Association of Home Builders to suspend campaign contributions to members of Congress if they didn't get the legislation they liked.

Coordinating Contributions

This Seattle Times article explains controversy around a series of donations made by firefighters unions that may have been coordinated to skirt contributions limits. Of particular interest are contributions to a Seattle City Council member, Tim Burgess who used to sit on the city ethics commission.

The timing of donations from the various unions around the state to candidates outside their districts raised red flags: