Clean Elections

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First and Last

Well, it would appear we're not the only ones watching the presidential money chase and shaking our heads. Newsday has the practice of bundling in its sights, calling for mandatory disclosure of bundlers first, with a refurbished public financing program to follow.

Change Happens

James Sample of the Brennan Center applauds Connecticut for turning the corner with its new Clean Elections program, which received an early trial this week in a special election to succeed State Rep. Richard Beldon, who passed away earlier this year. The two candidates for Beldon's seat in the 113th district, Republican Jason Perillo and Democrat James Orazietti, ran under the new full public financing program.

Firing Back

Wow, West Virginia's Charleston Daily Mail is becoming the latest sounding board for Clean Elections. Following a negative editorial on public financing we saw Carol Warren's editorial yesterday, now a letter from Craig Dunkerley of San Jose, CA in today's edition. The letter , which praises Clean Elections is available here (fourth down) and in it's entirety after the jump.


All Over The Place

This was clearly the weekend to write about Clean Elections! Papers in Iowa, Alaska, and Tennessee featured positive letters or editorials in support of public financing of campaigns -- we're sooo trendy.

Good Work

New Jersey's Courier-News profiled Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly this weekend. The article talks about what drew Donnelly to his work, which includes having managed the winning Maine and Massachusetts Clean Elections campaigns, and having developed innovative efforts to hold Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed accountable.

Having seen the corrosive effects of political fundraising first-hand, Donnelly saw the promise in a Clean Elections alternative:


Take the Cue

The occasion of John Edwards' decision to use public financing for his presidential bid, and the subsequent chin-wagging about what a risk this is, prompts USA Today to express displeasure that the public financing program has fallen behind the times, and to urge the federal government to take a cue from the states and move towards a Clean Elections model for presidential races.

Nick Nyhart on Fox News: Don't Hsu Forget About Me

As Katie described earlier in the week, Norman Hsu has been into some trouble lately. And while the authorities couldn't find him, campaign fundraisers had no problem.


Public Campaign President and CEO Nick Nyhart appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto yesterday afternoon to talk about the Norman Hsu controversy--and the alternative to this kind of "raise money first, ask questions later" political process. Check it out!



Clean Elections Event in New York

New Yorkers, where will you be on September 17th? At a Clean Elections event hosted by the Drum Major Institute of course! Find out more about this free event, hosted at the Harvard Club from 8AM to 10AM, here and be sure to RSVP.

Corruption Arrests in New Jersey

Eleven New Jersey officials were arrested today in connection with a sprawling bribery investigation of roofing and insurance contracts. Several councilmen, mayors, Assemblymembers, and school board members are implicated in the the investigation.

Here, courtesy of is a list of those officials charged with accepting bribes in exchange for exerting influence over public contracts, and how much each is alleged to have received:

Connecticut's Implementation

Connecticut's Journal-Inquirer looks at the work ahead for Connecticut's State Elections Enforcement Commission as they move towards to the first cycle of state elections under the new full public financing system.