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Holding on to the money

A number of recipients of the indicted former Majority Leader's ARMPAC contributions are refusing to give back money.

Update on petition demanding DeLay's resignation from Congress

The indicted DeLay had to step down as Majority Leader. But we think he ought to resign from Congress. We launched a petition to force him to resign, and we just crossed 37,000 citizens. Help us reach 40,000 signatures. Sign today!

We're also building a response fund. You can make a donation here to hold DeLay and his allies in Congress accountable.

CNN on-line poll: Should DeLay resign from Congress?

Scroll down, on the right. As of now, 77% yes, 23% now. Express your own opinion.

Hold the presses on Dreier, looks like Blunt

According to CBS News, House Republicans choose Blunt. Tea leaves? If the GOP chooses someone with a base of support, that's the deathknell for DeLay. Maybe. We'll see.

Oh, the palace intrigue!

Analysis coming on Blunt.

more on indictment

Here is the AP story.

Big Money Congress Doesn't Deserve a Pay Raise

David's editorial concerning the recent, mostly unnoticed Congressional pay raise has been posted on

It has this gem from Republican House Majority Leader Tome DeLay (R-TX): "It's not a pay raise," claimed DeLay, who will now make $183,500 a year. "It's an adjustment so that [we're] not losing [our] purchasing power."

Interesting, considering one of the areas where Congress has failed America's working families is the abysmal minimum wage.

People are talking...

Check out what and David Sirota are saying about the DeLay rankings.

Chris Bowers writes on

"The current Republican Congress is so deeply under DeLay's thumb that it is hard for me to imagine how even another ethical rebuke will cause him to lose his leadership postition...At the same time, so many people are in DeLay's pocket, that his scandals will eventually come to consume several other Republican members."

Busy morning...

This morning we launched a petition campaign to call on Speaker Hastert to appoint a special counsel to investigate Tom DeLay. In America, you can't buy a jury. It's illegal. But DeLay, though his PAC, has given money to 225 or the 232 GOP members. We can't get an impartial ethics committee from that jury pool. Congress can't police itself.

Voting for lower ethics

Just thought you'd want to know the 20 GOP members who voted for lower ethics in the House yesterday:

Barton (TX)
Blackburn (TN)
Burgess (TX)
Burton (IN)
Buyer (IN)
Carter (TX)
Cubin (WY)
Culberson (TX)
Gillmor (OH)
Gohmert (TX)
King (IA)
McHenry (NC)
Otter (ID)
Pence (IN)
Poe (TX)
Price (GA)
Simpson (ID)
Thornberry (TX)
Tiahrt (KS)
Weldon (FL)

Statement on Hastert's decision to roll back ethics rules

Public Campaign Action Fund released the following statement today regarding the reversal of the House Ethics rules by its executive director, Nick Nyhart:

"The House leadership does not deserve praise for reverting to old ethics rules. The Ethics Committee is stacked with those who have donated money to Tom DeLay's legal defense fund, or have received contributions from his PAC. Where else in America but in this Congress can a defendant place his cronies on the jury and pay them off while he's at it?"