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The House Financial Service Committee is holding a hearing today on the findings of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Here are short fundraising profiles of three key committee members, based on new research released today by Public Campaign Action Fund:

A Return On Their Investment?

The Washington Post has a story today on how corporate donations to the new Republican leaders in he House has soared since last November's elections. The surge in corporate campaign dollars comes as the new leadership is working to repeal or scale back legislation that Wall Street and Health Care interests fought hard against in the last Congress.

ETHICS COMPLAINT FILED: CREW alleges lawmakers who played hookie from swearing-in to attend fundraiser on Capitol grounds violated law, House rules

The Washington Post reports that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed an ethics complaint against the two lawmakers who missed their swearing-in for the 112th Congress while attending a fundraiser, contending, among other things, that the two congressmen violated federal law and House rules by holding a fundraiser in the Capitol.

NEW PCAF REPORT: Wall Street Money or Tea Party Energy?

Public Campaign Action Fund released a report today detailing the campaign contributions winning Tea Party candidates received from Wall Street interests in the 2010 election cycle. These 52 candidates, identified by ABC News as “Tea Party Winners, received at least $11.1 million from the finance, insurance, and real estate sector in the 2010 cycle. 

PRESS RELEASE: New Majority Shows Signs of Business-as-Usual in Washington, D.C.

Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today on how the newly-elected majority in the House is fully embracing the big money special interest culture in the Capitol. Politico reported this morning on the controversal decision by incoming Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) to hold a $2500-a-plate fundraiser at the posh W Hotel with singer LeAnn Rimes.

Tea Party Caucus: Same ol' Washington, D.C. song and dance

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reports that despite running against the Washington, D.C. establishment, newly-elected Tea Party favorites are already filling their staff's with lobbyists and cashing special interest campaign checks.  

Revolving door: Next up, Speaker-elect Boehner

Politico reports today that Speaker-elect John Boehner (R-Ohio) has hired the medical device industry’s chief lobbyist as his policy director. The new hire, Brett Loper, was a major player in opposing health care reform. 

NOW HIRING: K Street lobbyists for chief of staff positions

The Hill has a story today on newly elected Republican lawmakers hiring lobbyists to head their staff's. At least nine soon-to-be members of Congress are embracing the revolving door that has become a staple on Capitol Hill.

"Outsiders" Embrace Beltway Fundraising Culture

The Washington Post reports on how many incoming Republicans, despite running anti-Washington D.C. campaigns, are embracing the fundraising culture inside the beltway. And Roll Call has a story on "outsider" Sen.-elect Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and how he's already courting big bucks from the very "insiders" he ran against.   


From the Washington Post story:


New members of Congress hit the ground running...rasing money

The Huffington Post has a story today highlighting how newly elected lawmakers are quickly learning what's important in Congress--fundraising.