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The real winners: big money

For partisans and pundits, last night's election results weren't unexpected. The more troubling story, though, is the very real impact record-breaking fundraising and spending will have on the next Congress.


Our political system is more squarely in the hands of big donors and special interests than ever before. 


In a memo released last night, we provided some of the key trends from this cycle:


New poll: Business leaders see broken political system

American business leaders are concerned about our current campaign financing system, the pressure they face to donate to political campaigns, and the onslaught of large undisclosed donations, according to a new poll released last week by the Committee on Economic Development (CED), one of the nation's premiere business public policy organizations.

Billion Dollar House in the News

Yesterday, Public Campaign Action Fund released a report projecting that House candidates, collectively, will raise and spend more than one billion dollars this election cycle--a record breaking statistic. With so much time raising money, the report asks, how much time is left for candidates to actually spend time talking with voters.

Co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council voices support for Fair Elections

Black Star News has an op-ed by David Brodwin, co-founder of the American Sustainable Business Council, who decries the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and urges passage of the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 6116/1826).


Another former member of Congress speaks out for Fair Elections

The Christian Science Monitor has an op-ed today by former member of Congress, Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.). In it, former Rep. Boehlert discusses our deeply flawed campaign finance system and calls for the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R.6116/1826).


New polling in battleground congressional districts shows strong support for Fair Elections

A recent Lake Research Partners survey among 700 likely voters in key battleground congressional districts shows broad and strong bipartisan support for the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 6116/1826).


The survey reached 700 likely voters in battleground congressional districts (identified as “toss up” districts in the Cook Political Report rankings. Here are some of the key findings:


PRESS RELEASE: Campaign for Fair Elections Announces House Panel to Bring Up Fair Elections for Vote

The Campaign for Fair Elections issued a press release announcing that the Committee on House Administration will take up and vote on the Fair Elections Now Act in the next few weeks.


New York Times Editorializes On OCE Investigation, Calls For The Fair Elections Now Act

The New York Times editorialized yesterday on the ongoing Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into the fundraising activities of three members of Congress and calls for the Fair Elections Now Act as an alternative to the current big money-driven system.


Change The Game

An opinion piece by Adam Friedman of MASSvote discusses how the huge amount of time that Congress spends fundraising hurts prospects for addressing our nations challenges, and calls for support of the Fair Elections Now Act.


Fueling Washington

The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) launched a new series of reports, "Fueling Washington," highlighting the big money going into support or defeat (but let's face it, mostly defeat) comprehensive energy reform in Congress this year.


According to CRP: