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Will they get a return on investment?

In an (un)surprising move, the oil industry is lining up to oppose House measures introduced this week to respond to the BP oil spill, according to National Journal’s Congress Daily (Subscription). The article states that two of measured in particular, one that imposes "unlimited liability on oil companies and another that federally mandates standards for well designs and operational practices."


According to the story:

Local news coverage of Fair Elections ad in Florida

WCTV in Tallahassee and WEAR in Pensacola ran stories on the Fair Elections ad that

Media coverage for the launch of the Campaign for Fair Elections

The official launch of the Campaign for Fair Elections, a nationwide effort to pass the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 1826) was picked up by the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and the Associated Press.


Day 4: Hitting the Streets

There were plenty of fundraisers in Washington, D.C. today, and we hit the mean streets of Capitol Hill to protest one of them.


Mississippi Rep. Gregg Harper (R) held a "Mississippi Fish Fry" today at a lobbyist town house, just blocks from the U.S Capitol. We tried to talk to Rep. Harper when he came by, but he shuffled right past us. There should be some video of the event tomorrow, but for now, here& are some pictures.


Even more fundraisers!

It's a day that ends in Y, that means there are plenty of fundraisers. And, honestly, too many to list today! Here's a sampling.


Summer Fun(draisers), Day 2

There are at least seven Congressional fundraisers being held today--at concerts, golf courses, or boring old hotels. Here’s the list (via


Of tweens, lobbyists, and campaign cash

We at Public Campaign Action Fund love a good concert as much as the next person, so we're not going to bash people for choosing to see Taylor Swift at the Verizon Center in DC tomorrow.


I was perusing the upcoming Congressional fundraisers over at and noticed that a few lobbyists and members of Congress will be in attendance--but for fundraisers. I have a feeling it's not the concert of choice for middle-aged members of Congress. Here's the list:

" A good investment"

Roll Call has a story today on K street lobbyists, in anticipation of a possible Republican takeover of the House of Representatives, cozying up to would-be Speaker John Boehner, and advising their clients to "invest" in Republican candidates.


Senate finance conferees receive $57 million in campaign cash

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have announced the Senators that will participate in the conference committee to reconcile the U.S. House and Senate financial reform bills. As the New York Times reported this weekend, financial industry lobbyists are pushing hard to weaken these reforms.

Goldman Sach's Washington ties

It was announced this morning that the Securities and Exchange Commission has accused Goldman Sachs "of securities fraud in a civil suit filed Friday...which claims the bank created and sold a mortgage investment that was secretly devised to fail."


The firm is a major player on Wall Street—and K Street in Washington, D.C. Leading up to the economic bust in 2008 and continuing to today, the firm has spent millions dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions.