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DeLay Front Page News...Again

Tom DeLay must be rethinking the adage that all publicity is good publicity. He makes the nation's front pages again today, as newspapers report on the Supreme Court's decision to take up the Texas redistricting case.

Bringing Tom DeLay Closer to God

Tom DeLay tells Fox News that a "left-wing syndicate" is out to get him...but he tells Fox News Radio that all the scrutiny over his ethics is bringing him "closer to God," reports Reuters, as does The New York Times, the Washington Post

What are a Baptist deacon, a Conservative Leadership Declaration, an Onion, and the Magna Carta.

Deacon Cole Has A Potty Mouth!

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Shame on Tom DeLay

First two lines (registration required) say it all:

Some day, Tom DeLay will be called to account by the American people.

Sooner would be better than later for the sake of the Constitution.

DeLay says separation of church and state not in U.S. Constitution

Associated Press has the direct quote:

"I hope the Supreme Court will finally read the Constitution and see there's no such thing, or no mention, of separation of church and state in the Constitution," said DeLay, a Republican from Sugar Land.

Okay, Tom. Only if you don't count the First Amendment. Details schmetails.