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Dissecting Rudy's plea: Looking at the timeline

Paul Kane of Roll Call (subscription req'd) writes up something that has been on my mind all weekend: Just how long did these illegal activities go on while these staffers were in Tom DeLay's office paid for by our tax dollars? As one reader emailed, will the "Sargeant Schultz defense" -- "I saw nothing!" -- work for Tom DeLay? Not very credible, particularly with Ed Buckham's plea coming next, and with all the fundraising lines in and out of DeLay's committees.



I'll admit it. My kids have a hard time understanding exactly what I do for a living. They know I sit in front of a computer, talk on the phone a lot, and do something about Tom DeLay, but they have a hard time understanding that, as compared to their friends parents who are teachers, lawyers, etc. Maybe this poem by Hart Seely, which appeared in the New York Times, can help?


Here's a small portion -- but go read it all.


This is the Jack,

Context on Rudy pleading

We’ll likely see the Tony Rudy pleading document later today, and in it there will be more details. For now, here’s some quick analysis:


Two possible explanations

Norm Ornstein has a column in Roll Call (subscription only). With all the scandals involving former Tom DeLay staffers (Ed Buckham, Tony Rudy, Michael Scanlon -- who else?), you'd have to come up with one of two explanations for DeLay's role, according to Ornstein:


MUST READ: Rolling Stone Reporter Crashes Burns' Fundraiser as a Lobbyist

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi impersonated a lobbyist and gained entry into Sen. Conrad Burns' birthday fundraiser -- and then wrote about it!


Taibbi pretends he's the lobbyist for a Russian oil company wanting to drill for oil in the Grand Canyon. It's hilarious. You'll laugh, and then you'll cry when you think about the fact that this is how our democracy works. 

Rep. Jefferson Still Being Probed By FBI

A grand jury in Virginia has subpoenaed a Virginia law firm where one of the daughters of Rep. Jefferson (LA-02) once worked.  Also, a judge has moved the sentencing of a former congressional aide, Brett Pffefer, from March till May (the aid pled guilty to two felony charges, including aiding and abetting the solicitation of bribes).


From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:


Ronnie Earle's Day In Court

Today is the day that Ronnie Earle goes to court to try and get some of the charges against DeLay reinstated. We'll post as soon as we hear anything. For background read today’s AP story at  ABC News.

DeLay Legal Woes Affecting Campaign

The Houston Chronicle has a story on how  DeLay's ties to Abramoff,  Scanlon, and his own  indictments are hanging over him like a black cloud and how the scandals are affecting his campaign to retain his TX-22 seat.


Tell Katherine Harris elections aren't for sale. Period.

We just sent this email (below the fold) out to our list of activists -- can you believe that Katherine Harris is trying to wash away her legacy with $10 million? Can you believe that she thinks people will forget that she abandoned the principle of oneperson, one vote in 2000? That  somehow spending $10 million makes it okay to have taken illegal campaign contributions. Our petition is here.

DeLay's ARMPAC under FEC investigation?

Tom DeLay's ARMPAC received an inquiry from the FEC on March, 8, 2006, asking them to clarify if they charged the "usual and normal" amount for the transfer of ARMPAC's mailing list to DeLay's congressional campaign committee. The campaign was charged $3,138.87 for the mailing list.


Seems like a small amount of money for this list, huh?