Debt Ceiling

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DEBT DEAL: "Super Congress" Will Make Influencing-peddling That Much Easier

The "Super Congress" created in the debt ceiling deal to address additional spending cuts or revenues will make it cheaper for Wall Street, tax dodging corporations, and special interest lobbyists to influence the spending cuts and revenue debate in Washington, according to a statement from Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF).

Debt Crisis=Cha-ching!

If there's one thing that Congress is good at, it's finding new ways to rake in campaign contributions. Politico reported today on how many members of Congress of both parties are using the debt limit crisis as a tool to raise campaign cash.

No Laughing Matter

What did the U.S. Chamber of Commerce president mean when he remarked that they would "get rid of" any freshman members of Congress who didn't vote to raise the debt ceiling? In a post-Citizens United world, the answer is pretty clear.

Politico reported today on the alleged "joke" from the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, which was viewed by many as a direct threat to some freshman members of Congress.