Democracy Matters

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News You Can Use

The Calvin College chapter of Democracy Matters makes the news for their efforts to rally support behind the Fair Elections Now Act in the Senate, and public funding of elections as the state and federal level. Great work by the students, and a very positive story!

Gap to be Filled

Jay Mandle of Democracy Matters uses the most recent installment of his "Money on my Mind" column to address deficiencies -- namely a lack of funding -- in the current presidential public financing system, and the corresponding rise in private money domination.

Work That Matters

Campaign finance reform is not an issue that tends to get people dancing in the aisles. But I challenge you to spend some time with the members of Democracy Matters and not feel excited about fighting for Clean Elections. Democracy Matters, started six years ago by Golden State Warriors center Adonal Foyle, is made up of students in colleges and universities nationwide working to bring students into the debate over money in politics and into the work of winning Clean Elections public financing systems.