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Unwrap the Bundle

Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama (D-IL) pens this editorial for the Chicago Tribune urging the House to join with the Senate in requiring disclosure of bundlers -- those who corral large contributions on behalf of a particular candidate -- to promote transparency and ensure accountability.

Less Than Impressed

Democrats are getting pretty well eviscerated for the watered down lobbying and disclosure bills they're pushing in Congress. Next in line with scalpels are The Politico and The Philadelphia Inquirer both wondering what it takes to break the gridlock and get a strong bill through.

Request to Sen. Lieberman to disclose petty cash

Public Campaign Action Fund's letter to Senator Joe Lieberman regarding his nondisclosure of petty cash:


October 30, 2006


The Hon. Joseph Lieberman

PO Box 231294

State House Square

Hartford, CT 06123


Dear Senator Lieberman,