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Conason on DeLay, ethics

Good caution here in a N.Y. Observer piece by Joe Conason. An excerpt:

A fourth reason

Below Rick posted my oped from the Houston Chronicle in which I listed three reasons why DeLay retracted the DeLay Rule.

Let's not be Pollyannas. The Chron, on the editorial page, gave a fourth reason:

Houston Chronicle Runs Donnelly Op-Ed!

Today, the Houston Chronicle ran an Op-Ed submitted by fellow DailyDelay blogger David Donnelly. The piece sums up the three key turning points that caused the GOP to backtrack and reverse the DeLay Rule (Full text is below). Click here to add your name to our email list to keep abreast of breaking new on the DeLay scandal.

Houston Chronicle
Jan. 5, 2005


There have been four developing story lines over the past week or so:

1) Sears Roebuck & Co. turning state's witness in the DeLay-related corporate fundraising investigation.

Houston Chronicle Explains Win-Win for DeLay

An editorial in the Houston Chronicle hits the nail on the head regarding the irony of DeLay negotiating an agreement on a local issue in his district. And they explain well exactly what I have been thinking on it.

More Minnesota action

In addition to Rep. Gutknecht's (MN-Did Not Vote, but opposed) letter, Minnesota Democrats are turning up the heat on Reps. Kline and Kennedy. A reader passed along an email calling for 'Rallies for Integrity' outside their respective congressional offices tomorrow, November 30th at noon local time.

Who do you think tipped off Google?

An email I received last night:

News Round Up: Time for Letters to the Editor!

There are stories all over the national media about the DeLay rule change, and I suspect that local dailies are carrying the Associated Press or other wire stories. I will post some talking points for letters to the editor, and a helpful link that allows you to submit letters to the editor on-line.

Here are some of the stories I scanned that I thought were insightful and good (some news, some editorial). If you have seen some, post your own.

What a local GOP leader says about DeLay

The Daily DeLay: T-Minus 3 Days and Counting
From the Fort Bend Star

Today, the Daily DeLay simply is an excerpted column that appeared on October 20th in the Fort Bend Star, a local paper in DeLay's district. It was written by B.K. Carter, who is the owner and publisher of the newspaper and a sitting Republican precinct chair. It is perhaps the most comprehensive summary of who Tom DeLay is.

Houston Chronicle endorses DeLay's opponent

The Houston Chronicle endorsed Richard Morrison, Tom DeLay's challenger, on Friday.

From the editorial:

The Houston region and the entire country will be better off [without DeLay].