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Big Money Mitch and Big Oil

Few issues have dominated an election like oil and energy did this summer. From foreign policy, to environmental protection, to the economic concerns of the middle class, candidates all over the country devoted a great deal of time to the problem of rising demand for oil and its environmental costs. Over the summer, Sen. Mitch McConnell joined in, observing that “there’s also little doubt … that the single most important issue facing Americans at the moment is the high price of gas at the pump.”[1]

Here We Go Again

Gear up for Big Oil vs. The Earth: Part 8 Bajillion. Congress is getting ready to push new, bipartisan legislation requiring new caps on industrial emissions, but President Bush and Big Oil, drawing the cloak of "economic hardship" firmly about themselves, are vowing to kill the bill. When facing a choice between corporate profits and...the earth and all its inhabitants, it's good to know our leaders have their priorities straight.

Lumps of Coal

When it comes to lobbying on behalf of your cause you can present a reasoned argument backed up by data, you can build a coalition of supporters over time to pursue legislation in the public interest, or you can rally a bunch of corporations to spend a huge amount of money to buy a little love from Congress. Guess which tactic coal companies are going with?

EPA Official Attended GOP Fundraiser

When Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Stephen Johnson came to Denver two and half weeks ago, how did he spend his time? At a Republican fundraiser featuring representatives of the very industries his agency regulates, including El Paso Natural Gas, theColorado Mining Association, and the Colorado Petroleum Association, reports the Denver Post.


DeLay and Drug Companies: Best Friends Forever

"It's not hard to put a dollar figure on House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's importance to corporate America," write Bloomberg News' Michael Forsythe and Jonathan D. Salant. "For drug makers, his support is worth $13 billion; for petrochemical companies, it could be as much as $375 billion.

MTBE...It's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack

Remember how cozy Tom DeLay is with manufacturers of MTBE, the gasoline additive that has polluted groundwater throughout the nation? DeLay was one of the lead supporters of a provision in the House Energy bill approved last April that protects these manufacturers from lawsuits filed by communities with drinking water fouled by this poisonous chemical.

On Tuesday the Senate has passed its version of the energy legislation without the MTBE provision.

DeLay's personal gain from MTBE in energy bill

Today's Newsday carries a story we've known about for awhile -- Tom DeLay holds between $50,000 and $100,000 in ExxonMobil stock and has aggressively pushed legislation which would shield the giant oil corporation from any liability for its pollution of drinking water all across the country. Here's their lede:

Don't Drink the Water

In today's Boston Globe, Susan Milligan writes up Tom DeLay's leading role on legislation that would relieve the MTBE ( methyl tertiary butyl ether) industry of almost all liability in the clean-up of contaminated water supplies in New England.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE, TOM DELAY: A Decade Of (Dubious) Achievement

May 2005
Dogged by scandal for his unethical behavior, Tom DeLay is “saluted” at the Capital Hilton at a gala sponsored by the American Conservative Union. More than 100 of DeLay’s constituents respond by sending him a letter critical of his decision to celebrate while he neglects the needs of people in his district.

May 2004

The Tom DeLay Energy Bill

The New York Times reports that Tom DeLay is the main force behind a provision in the about-to-be-debated energy bill to funnel up to $2 billion over 10 years into research for recovering oil and gas from the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.