Ezra Klein

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It's How the Game is Played

"Don't hate the players, hate the game." That old saying seems particularly appropriate for our current campaign finance system that seems to reward those who least deserve it. The Washington Post's Ezra Klein had a piece yesterday bemoaning how despite bringing our economy to the brink of collapse, being bailed out by the taxpayers, and getting protected in Congress, Wall Street continues to be the go-to spot for high-dollar campaign fundraising.

A Simple, but Powerful Chart

One of the most important aspects of Fair Elections-style reform (sometimes referred to as "Clean Elections") is that it allows candidates to spend much more time with the voters in their community. Instead of spending countless hours dialing for dollars or attending high-priced fundraisers, candidates are able to better get to know the people the seek to serve, and when elected, legislate in their interest.

Where's the Outrage?

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein has a piece today asking the question: why aren't more conservatives for campaign finance reform? Using the ongoing protests in Wisconsin over public sector unions as a backdrop, Klein ponders why there seems to be so much outrage at the campaign contributions the public sector unions make to elected offficials who they negociate with vs. the much larger amounts spent by corporations, who do the same thing.