Fair Elections for New York

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NEW TV AD IN NEW YORK: It's time for action, Gov. Cuomo

Public Campaign Action Fund is up with a new TV ad in New York today that calls on Gov. Cuomo to take action to pass the Fair Elections proposal that is currently being negotiated in the budget. Gov. Cuomo has given speeches on the need to clean up Albany with Fair Elections reform, but it's time to turn the rhetoric into action.

Check out the ad:


N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Establishes Anti-Corruption Commission

Public Campaign Action Fund applauds the strong action taken by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today in naming a Moreland Commission to probe campaign finance-related corruption in the legislature.

NYT: Public Financing Required to Fight Corruption

The New York Times is out with an editorial today on what reform in Albany must look like in the wake of yet another wave or corruption in New York politics. It's simple: changing Albany and fighting corruption requires public financing of elections.

How April In New York Can Change The Country

Public Campaign Action Fund board member Zephyr Teachout had this piece in the Huffington Post last night, which discusses how the campaign to bring Fair Elections to New York State can change the big money landscape all over the country.

In New York, Fair Elections reform takes center stage

New York State Senate candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk has a powerful op-ed in today’s Albany Times-Union on how centering her campaign on her support of Fair Elections reform helped her turn what was seen as an easy win for her incumbent opponent into a race so close that the outcome is still up in the air:

How To Beat Citizens United

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne has an op-ed today on fighting big money influence in our elections post-Citizens Uinted. He looks to the Fair Elections campaign that is underway in New York state that could bring public financing to state legislative races.

Think Money in Politics is a Problem? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

On Wednesday, House Democrats, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and campaign finance reform champion Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) held a forum centered on the issue of money in politics. They showed they understood the abysmal state of how our nation’s elections our paid for — and heard grim testimony from experts that the “perfect storm of money in politics” in 2012 will only continue to get worse if we do not enact reform.

Albany Can Kick the Money Habit

This weekend the New York Times editorial page urged Gov. Cuomo and the New York legislature to move forward with Fair Elections:

Busy Week For Fair Elections Campaign in New York

The campaign to bring Fair Elections to New York state held events all over the state this week. There were town hall meetings in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as press events in all corners of the state. For too long, Albany has had a reputation as a bastion of corruption and pay-to-play politics. Public Campaign, along with state partners from across the political spectrum, are working hard to restore faith in New York state government by passing small donor based campaign finance reform.

REPOST (from New York): The Legal Corruption of New York Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.

Our partners in New York, who we are working with to pass Fair Elections for the state legislture, have this blog post up today on former state Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.'s career of corruption. He's currently on trial for stealing Medicaid funds from low-income Bronx residents, but it's what he did that was legal that's the real story.