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Financial Industry Pour Millions Into Regulation Debate

As the Senate begins the financial reform debate, analysis shows that big banks and Wall Street financial firms have spent more than $500 million since the beginning of last year in lobbying and campaign contributions.

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The "Big Four" Banks Have Spent More Than $170 Million Since 2000 Influencing Politicians

A Huffington Post story today details the huge amount of campaign cash and lobbying expenses that have been doled out by the "Big Four" banks since 2000. The CEO's of the banks are appearing before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission today to discuss the financial industry collapse.



The Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today on Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-Iowa) fundraiser hosted by mortgage and insurance industry PAC's and lobbyists. The special interest fundraiser comes after Grassley voted against a bill opposed by the hosts to allow bankruptcy judges to renegotiate mortgages. The Huffington Post posted a story on the release.


Financial Industry Banking on Campaign Cash

The New York Times ran a story yesterday on the re-regulation of the financial industry in Congress and how the impact of huge amounts of campaign cash poured in by the industry has affected efforts for reform.


“The banks run the place,” Rep. Peterson said. “I will tell you what the problem is — they give three times more money than the next biggest group. It’s huge the amount of money they put into politics.”


Freshman Orientation

There will be a lot of new faces on Capitol Hill come January and as The Hill reports this morning, their first few months will be like the first day you sign up for Facebook: friend requests galore.