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Corbett Maintains Strong Support Among Washington Lobbyists

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett may face “historically low” approval in his home state for an incumbent running for re-election, but he’s found one group that seems to like him: Washington lobbyists.

Romney: 'Frankly What I Need You to Do Is to Raise Millions of Dollars'

That’s what Mitt Romney said to the donors gathered at a Florida fundraiser, who had paid $50,000 each to attend. He told them “that’s by far the most important thing you can do,” because in his words, “advertising makes a difference.”

Tagg Teaming It

Tagg, you're it! The Huffington Post reports that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, will be hitting up the K Street fundraising curcuit on behalf of his father on Wednesday. The event will feature a mostly under 40 crowd, and will have the added bonus of allowing the elder Romney to jet off to Manhattan for yet more fundraising with Wall Street 1%ers.

Rep. Donna Edwards Responds to Occupy Protesters--with Fair Elections

Last Friday, Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) was confronted by Occupy protesters at a fundraiser. The protesters were there taking aim at the role of big money in politics. The fundraiser was charging from $5,000 to $75,000 for a seat. Edwards responded to the protesters as she left the event.

The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and Occupying the Week

Here's a recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from October 11 through October 14, 2011.

Fore(thousand) Dollars Please!

The relationship between a member of Congress and their constituents should be similar to a golfer and their caddie. The caddie is there to help navigate them around the course, offer local insight, and help the golfer understand the conditions on the ground, so that they can respond accordingly. But when the caddie isn't even along for the ride, and is made a far-away spectator, his/her concerns are ignored.

Sen. Lugar Held Energy Industry Fundraiser Hours Before Oil Subsidies Vote

On Tuesday morning, Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) was scheduled to host an "energy industry breakfast" fundraiser at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse on Capitol Hill, less than 12 hours before he voted against legislation that would end taxpayer subsidies for oil companies. With a name like that, you can assume what type of lobbyists he grabbed some steak and eggs with this morning.

VIdeo: Wisconsin-DC Protest

On Wednesday, we helped organize a protest to welcome Wisconsin Republicans to their big money lobbyist fundraiser in Washington, D.C. Here's a short clip of how it all went down.

Early Coverage of Yesterday's Wisconsin GOP D.C. Corporate Lobbyist Fundraiser Protest

Yesterday's protest of the Wisconsin Republican corporate lobbyist money grab drew a huge crowd to downtown Washington, D.C. Public Campaign Action Fund, along with a number of other organizations in the area, organized the event that helped send a message that working familes, not corporate campaign cash, should come first.

Here's a round up of the early coverage of the protest:

ETHICS COMPLAINT FILED: CREW alleges lawmakers who played hookie from swearing-in to attend fundraiser on Capitol grounds violated law, House rules

The Washington Post reports that Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed an ethics complaint against the two lawmakers who missed their swearing-in for the 112th Congress while attending a fundraiser, contending, among other things, that the two congressmen violated federal law and House rules by holding a fundraiser in the Capitol.