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News round up on ads

Lots of news coverage on our TV spots and CAF's spots. Post items I missed in the comments.

The Hill: DeLay rakes in $1.5 million for ten colleagues

This is how he tries to keep them loyal.

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) will receive an overwhelming outpouring of support — in cold, hard cash — from his fellow GOP lawmakers at tonight’s Retain Our Majority Program (ROMP) fundraiser.

DeLay has raked in more than $1.5 million from his fellow lawmakers and will funnel that money to the 10 most vulnerable colleagues, as identified by House leadership.

Chicago Tribune focuses on scandals' impact on others

Jill Zuckman of the Chicago Tribune identifies the trouble territory for DeLay and the Republicans:

A groundswell of criticism generated by alleged ethical lapses concerning House Majority Leader Tom Delay is forcing the Texas lawmaker to seek support from GOP colleagues and is threatening to harm the Republican legislative agenda on Capitol Hill.

More trouble for DeLay: Subpoenaed emails put him in the middle

From the New York Times:

Documents subpoenaed from an indicted fund-raiser for Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, suggest that Mr. DeLay was more actively involved than previously known in gathering corporate donations for a political committee that is the focus of a grand-jury investigation in Texas, his home state.

Public Citizen: DeLay's legal defense fund at $1 million

Public Citizen's press release reports DeLay's legal defense fund at $999,221 since it was founded in 2000. If only he hadn't had to return those donations from lobbyists earlier in the year he would have crossed a million bucks.

A closer look at the numbers shows a quickening pace. Public Citizen reports that DeLay's fund raised $439,550 in 2004, 44% of the total its raised since 2000.

What does the settlement mean?

I have been thinking about this a little more. Diversified Collection acknowledges in its settlement with the District Attorney’s office that its $50,000 contribution to TRMPAC was based on "false and misleading information provided by the fund-raiser that solicited the contribution." That corroborates that someone – probably one of the three DeLay associates already under indictment – broke the law.

Texas DA Criticizes the DeLay Rule

Updates below on votes on the DeLay Rule. Demand a recorded vote on DeLay Rule.