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Is Austin Scott Working for Constituents or Washington Lobbyists?

In the Washington Post today, Dana Milbank writes about the one piece of legislation freshman Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) has introduced since coming to Congress. Milbank writes:

Ahead of the Curve

A candidate hoping to challenge Sen. Saxby Chambliss in Georgia is making addressing our campaign finance problems a central focus of his campaign. He has decided to follow the parameters of the Fair Elections Now Act that was introduced in the Senate last year, but hasn't yet passed.

NPR on Judicial Race Spending

NPR's Nina Totenberg did a piece this morning on special interest money infiltrating judicial elections, focusing on the recent report from Justice at Stake on this phenomenon and examing contentious races in Alabama and Georgia. Listen and/or read the transcript of the piece here.


Towards the end, a judge has the opportunity to weigh in on his feelings when it comes to campaign cash and judicial elections:


NPR Cites Reed Ads

NPR's Peter Overby analyzes the implications of Ralph Reed's loss, and cites our ad holding Reed accountable. Note: Overby attributes the ad to our sister organization, Public Campaign. Public Campaign Action Fund's Campaign Money Watch project was responsible for the ad.

Ralph Reed Concedes

It's official, Ralph Reed has ended his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Read the statement by David Donnelly, Director, Campaign Money Watch, below:

Here is the AP story.


Breaking: Reed trying to buy race with Abramoff money

Unrepentant Ralph Reed just "loaned" himself $500,000 for his bid for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. With the primary next Tuesday, and will polls showing the race a nail-biter, Reed must be getting nervous.


Ralph Reed leads Georgia race, but has high negative ratings

The Abramoff scandals are taking their toll on Ralph Reed's race for Georgia lieutenant governor.


Recent polling in Georgia shows that Reed's viewed unfavorably by 45% of GOP voters, with 40% viewing him favorably. The good news for Reed is that he still leads his primaryopponent, State Senator Casey Cagle 42% to 36%, with still 22% undecided.