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Sick Priorities

Forty-seven million Americans don't have health insurance, and 8.7 million of them are children according to just-released census data. The numbers signal a disturbing trend: the number of uninsured are rising (even as the median income rises) and still President Bush is vocal in his opposition to expanding a program that could extend insurance to 5 to 6 million children, by levying higher taxes on tobacco products.

McConnell opposes children's health bill. Follow the money.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), in an unexpected move, came out opposed to the bipartisan children's health insurance bill yesterday.


His opposition to the bill puts the health insurance of 102,430 Kentucky children at risk.


Big Pharma Buys Weaker Policy

From the front page of today's Washington Post a reminder of the power of the pharmaceutical lobby. Democratic leadership had a bill in mind for a goverment-run prescription drug program designed to cut costs for senior citizens. Then the drug lobby - and their checkbooks- started knocking at the door and cutting health care costs took a backseat to appeasing them.