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Weekend Reading

Support for full public financing of elections graced a few editorial pages over the weekend with the Des Moines Register and the Syracuse Post-Standard both running letters to the editor in support of state and federal level Clean Elections-style proposals. Thanks to Susan West and G.T. Gerrard, respectively, for submitting those letters!

He's A "No" Vote, We're Guessing

Yesterday activists rallied at the Iowa capitol building in support of the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) Act to bring public financing to Iowa's statewide and legislative elections. When a group of the activists spied State Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal (D) and went over to talk to him about VOICE, things got a little heated...


Buying the Farm

Iowa is facing important legislative decisions on regulating factory farms, and creating a full public financing option for statewide and legislative elections -- this letter to the editor by Ron Kielkopf in the Ottumwa Courier explains the natural link between the two issues, pointing out the influence factory farms are able to yield through campaign contributions.

Give Iowa VOICE

Speaking of Iowa, Barb Kalbach of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement has this op-ed in the Des Moines Register today on the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) Act that could shortly bring full public financing to Iowa statewide and legislative races. Calling out the huge amounts of cash legislators must raise to stay in office (and wield power), Kalbach argues for a better way.


Interview from the Field: Adam Mason from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement for Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE)


The fight for Clean Elections in Iowa is in full swing with about two weeks to go in this legislative session. What follows is an interview with Adam Mason of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. He is one the lead organizers of this campaign. Adam gives us insight to the many aspects of the campaign and tells us why Clean Elections is so important for Iowa.


Letter 'Rip!

Wahoo! Public Campaign Action Fund members are tearing up the letters to the editor pages -- just today, three of you had letters published about Clean Elections! Read on to see what your fellow activists are writing.


Iowa Joins The Parade

The River City Reader has a good feature article on efforts of Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections' (VOICE) effort to win a Clean Elections public financing system for the state. Featuring commentary from both Common Cause and Public Campaign, the article cites the high participation rates in both Arizona and Maine where Clean Elections has been working the longest, and acknowledges the uphill battle reformers face to win in Iowa.