John Doolittle

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Ring of Corruption

The Abramoff Ax fells another. Kevin Ring, former minion of Jack Abramoff and once upon a time chief of staff to former Rep. John Doolittle has been indicted on ten counts of bribing public officials to take action on behalf of his clients. Insert your own "corruption ring" puns here. Somewhere Doolittle is scanning the sky nervously for signs of a dropping shoe.

Dear John

Dear John,

It's over between us.


Doolittle Done?

Is scandal-plagued Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA) on his way out? Speculation is rampant that he's soon to announce his retirement and hand the reigns over to former state Sen. Rico Oller. Doolitte, who barely survived re-election in 2006 amid allegations about his ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is facing money and polling woes going into his 2008 rematch against Democrat Charlie Brown.

Same Mistake Twice

From the Department of Will They Never Learn? we get this little item: Rep. John Doolittle has disclosed $45,000 in payments to his wife, Julie, in the last quarter for "fundraising work." Incidentally, Doolittle's fundraising has faltered recently due to the investigation surrounding his relationship with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and his fundraising activities -- including the commission system he worked out with his wife.


Wilkes' 13

Pity the process server: thirteen House members were subpoenaed today in connection with the trial of defense contractor Brent Wilkes (the same gentleman whose bribes helped put former Rep. Duke Cunningham behind bars). Several names on the list of thirteen, who are teaming up to fight the subpoena, will be familiar to regular readers of this page.

Today's Scandal Box Scores

It's tough being a sitting member of Congress under investigation. Nobody donates to your legal defense fund and The Politico makes Incredible Hulk jokes at your expense.

Follow the Doolittle

Aw, it's sad when an ethically-challenged member of Congress can barely muster up the energy to proclaim his questionable innocence. Rep. John Doolittle's date with indictment destiny draws near, and while his feet are currently closest to the fire, he's by no means alone among his congressional brethren when it comes to fearing the FBI's knock on the door, as this New York Times article explains.

Friends in Low Places

Indicted Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) may find himself short on congressional allies these days but maybe he can call up Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) for some tea and sympathy -- yesterday scandal-plagued Doolittle voted against holding House hearings on indicted Members in a move I'd never be so cynical as to suggest was calculated to keep his own goose from being cooked.

Abramoff Inquiry Knocks on White House Door

Jack Abramoff must be singing the song that never ends. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expanding its investigation of the relationship between the convicted lobbyist and the White House.

From his Pennsylvania prison cell, Abramoff has continued to assist federal investigators in hopes of leniency in his pending influence-peddling trial -- witness in particular the renewed attention to Rep. John Doolittle and his aide Kevin Ring.

Dark Marks?

Congressional earmarks -- those add-ons to spending bills directed by individual Members -- have been the object of scrutiny as of late, and no wonder: Congress made over $5 billion worth in 2005 alone. Do you believe Duke Cunningham was the only one who used earmarks for personal gain?