John McCain

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Which Way

It looks as though Sen. John McCain, presumptive Republican nominee for President will opt in to the public financing program for the general elections, while Sen. Barack Obama, his potential rival, isn't likely to do the same. Both campaigns are firing off statements defending their respective ethical beachheads but -- lucky me! -- I can position my ruler above the knuckles of both men, and raise my eyebrow in a scolding manner.

Take a Stand and Deliver

Things were hopping at the Willard Hotel in downtown DC yesterday, site of Sen. John McCain's lobbyist-hosted fundraiser. We headed down there to give Sen. McCain the letter we've been gathering signatures for asking for Sen. McCain's commitment to support of public financing of elections for all federal offices. We were successful in making our way through the lobbyist throng and delivering the letter to McCain's staff -- pictures from the event after the jump.

Coverage of Letter Drop

Lots of coverage on our efforts yesterday to deliver our letter and all 9,000+ accompanying signatures to Sen. John McCain asking for his support for full public financing for all federal campaigns for office.

Press on the Letter

The Washington Post gives a mention to our effort to put Sen. John McCain on the record in support of public financing of federal campaigns via a letter we have been circulating this past week. We've collected over 9,000 signatures for that letter, which we will attempting to deliver to Sen. McCain as he heads into a high-dollar fundraiser this evening at the Willard Hotel, just steps from the White House in downtown DC.

Signed, Sealed

Seems Republican lobbyists are closing ranks around Sen. John McCain, hosting an exclusive, high-dollar fundraiser (full article only available to Roll Call subscribers) for him in Washington, DC tomorrow night -- the venue is the Willard Hotel which is a block from the White House and which, rumor has it, was the birthplace of the term "lobbyist." Got your $2,300 ready?

Not Impressed

Man, disillusionment with Sen. John McCain is running rampant these days. David Sirota, in his most recent column, courtest of the San Francisco Chronicle, writes about his past admiration for the Senator that has suffered in light of McCain's recent compromises on issues like Clean Elections, and combating the influence of money in politics. Don't betray a reformers trust, John.

Oh Johnny

Dear John McCain,

This letter
was tough for me to write, but the basis of any healthy relationship is honesty, don't you think? Here's another letter you'll be getting soon, from a lot more people. Safe to say we're all feeling a little...betrayed.




Happy Scandalversary

On the anniversary of the Keating Five scandal that got Sen. John McCain into trouble and spurred his interest in campaign finance reform, we've put together a little video reminding the Senator of the hot water he was in, his past commitment to reform, and the letter we've written (which you can sign!) asking him to pledge to enact full public financing of federal campaigns if he is elected President.

Where's McCain?

Yesterday's Boston Globe had this piece studying Sen. John McCain's (R) apparent retreat from support of public financing of campaigns, particularly as he has pursued the presidential nomination. We've written a letter to Sen. McCain asking that he renew his support of public financing -- you can read and sign that letter here.

Checking the Record

Cenk Uygur is an attorney, host of the radio program The Young Turks and a regular contributor to Huffington Post. He's also a rather disenchanted former support of Sen. John McCain (R) and in this article for Politico he expresses his frustration on a number of issues, including McCain's unclear position on public financing of campaigns.

Here's what Uygur has trouble with: