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Contribute, Lest Ye Be Judged

Front page and above the fold in the Washington Post on Sunday was this piece on the increased profile of, and spending on judicial races. As groups with particular interest in who sits on the bench funnel money into the races, the fair and impartial judiciary runs smack into political posturing.

Some of the most vocal critics of this new paradigm for judicial elections are Supreme Court justices:


Bright Spot

Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post is a frequent critic of the excesses and absurdities of campaign finance and devotes her column today to the rising cost of judicial elections and attendant rise in vicious ad wars between candidates. She notes a few bright spots, including the judicial public financing systems in North Carolina and, soon, in New Mexico."

She writes:


NPR on Judicial Race Spending

NPR's Nina Totenberg did a piece this morning on special interest money infiltrating judicial elections, focusing on the recent report from Justice at Stake on this phenomenon and examing contentious races in Alabama and Georgia. Listen and/or read the transcript of the piece here.


Towards the end, a judge has the opportunity to weigh in on his feelings when it comes to campaign cash and judicial elections: