Karl Rove

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Bill Moyers Highlights Protest Against Rove

In a segment last Friday about the “cowardly lions of ‘free speech,’” Bill Moyers featured a recent protest led by Public Campaign Action Fund—along with Campaign for America's Future, Rebuild the Dream, People for the American Way, The Other 98%, Health Care for America Now, Common Cause, Alliance for Justice, Public Citizen, SEIU, and other groups—against the anti-democracy Karl Rove secret money machine.

Groups Serve Big Money Super PAC with "People's Indictment" for Trying to Buy Our Democracy

Karl Rove's "American Crossroads" super PAC, the Koch brothers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have a plan to funnel $1 billion of corporate money into buying rhe White House and Congress in November.

Watchdog: 2012 Election Spending Should Be Alarming to Americans of Every Stripe

Campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign released a statement in response to today’s Politico story on conservative groups planning to spend over $1 billion to buy the presidency and Congress.

2012 Fundraising Arms Race: Dems Seek General

The Huffington Post has a story on the 2012 campaign fundraising arms race that is well under way, and how the Democratic Party is pursuing someone who can play the role of Karl Rove. Not as a political operative, mind you, but as someone who can raise huge amounts of unregulated money to be spent by outside groups in hopes of matching the right wing machine that flexed its muscles in 2010.

Pattern of Firings for Corruption Investigators?

The story of the eight US Attorneys who were involved in public corruption investigations centered on elected officials and subsequently fired has ensnared Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and New Mexico Reps. Pete Domenici and Heather Wilson -- now, as details resurface about the 2002 firing of a US Attorney investigating lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the trail leads to the office of Karl Rove.


Abramoff and Rove: Two Peas In A Pod

Los Angles Times story outlining Abramoff's relationship with the White House and Karl Rove with particular detail to an Abramoff client, the country of Malaysia. And as with almost every scandal story that comes out today, DeLay and his associates are connected to Abramoff's web of deceit.

Texas redistricting

Lu Dubose, co-author with Jan Reid of The Hammer Comes Down: The Nasty, Brutish and Shortened Political Life of Tom DeLay, has a good piece over at TomPaine.com summarizing the DeLay

It depends on what the definition of a "friend" is

Tom DeLay just sent a nine-page letter to his GOP constituents, claiming that it is "absolutely untrue" that he was a "close personal friend" of Jack Abramoff's. Hmmm...all those trips, all those gifts (remember the Three Tenors concert)? We suppose it's all in the definition of what Tom DeLay considers a friend...

The Enron E-Mails

Back in 2003, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released some 1.5 million email messages that it collected as part of its investigation of Enron's price-gouging of California consumers. The press pounced on some of the choicer bits, but this is truly the gift that keeps giving.

Prez Bush Hanging With His Friends

President George W. Bush took an interview on Fox news as an opportunity to defend his great friend, Tom DeLay, reports the Los Angeles Times:

I hope that he will [return] because I like him. And plus, when he's over there, we got our votes through the House.