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Take a Stand and Deliver

Things were hopping at the Willard Hotel in downtown DC yesterday, site of Sen. John McCain's lobbyist-hosted fundraiser. We headed down there to give Sen. McCain the letter we've been gathering signatures for asking for Sen. McCain's commitment to support of public financing of elections for all federal offices. We were successful in making our way through the lobbyist throng and delivering the letter to McCain's staff -- pictures from the event after the jump.

Good for Speech

This letter by Michael Armstrong, reprinted from the Santa Fe New Mexican in Black Enterprise handily takes on many arguments put forth in opposition to full public financing of elections in a brief but effective summary of the many reasons we spend our days working for Clean Elections.

I like his arguments about how public financing protects and enhances free speech in particular:

DeLay's Letter to Constituents

Think Progress has a copy of DeLay's handwritten letter to his constituents in TX-22 (primary only a few weeks away!) with this image being the most incredulous part:

"DeLay's Dodge"

Read the American Progress Report's rebuttal of DeLay's letter to his constituents here.

Open Letter to Congress

Today, Public Campaign Action Fund sent this letter to every Member of Congress:

April 6, 2005

Dear Member of Congress:

Today two major newspapers report two more scandals swirling around House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. His scandals distract Congress from the important work before you. We urge you to ask Tom DeLay to step down from Congress so that you can concentrate on the job you came to Washington to do.

Lautenberg takes DeLay to the mat

Atrios, via Raw Story:

April 1, 2005

Tom DeLay
Majority Leader
House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Majority Leader DeLay,

GOP does not want Reps convicted of felonies

Here is how the Republicans in Congress are spinning the rule change... For the first time, a member of leadership who is convicted of a felony must step down from that position.

From Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN), via constituent E.J., from a letter dated November 23rd:

More Minnesota action

In addition to Rep. Gutknecht's (MN-Did Not Vote, but opposed) letter, Minnesota Democrats are turning up the heat on Reps. Kline and Kennedy. A reader passed along an email calling for 'Rallies for Integrity' outside their respective congressional offices tomorrow, November 30th at noon local time.

Letter received by constitutent of Gutknecht (MN)

Up-to-date vote count on DeLay Rule. Petition Hastert to hold recorded vote.

Reader and Minnesota resident L.B. received a letter from Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-did not vote) dated November 19th (the day after the vote) explaining his position on the DeLay Rule:

The Hill Reports on the Delay Vote Tally!