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ONE YEAR LATER: After Dodd-Frank Financial Reform, Do the Banks Still Run the Place?

This Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the passage of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,” legislation passed by Congress to rein in the banks and protect consumers from the practices that led to the economic collapse. Since it’s passage, Wall Street interests have continued to exert influence over Congress in efforts to weaken, repeal, or as one bank lobbyist said recently, “reform the reform.”

TAKE ACTION: Don't Let Fox's Campaign Cash Blind Investigators in Congress

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch's British media empire is imploding with the news that his reporters hacked into the cell phones of a missing girl, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and possibly even victims of terrorist attacks. At one point, they deleted the voicemails of the missing girl, misleading investigators to think she was stil alive.

Not Hitting Your Marks? If You're Wall Street Lobbyists, Just Switch the Target

Lobbyists for Wall Street interests have to be pretty nimble, I guess. Politico reports today on how Wall Street interests, who've recently been dealt some blows in Congress, are shifting their lobbying strategy away from Capitol Hill, and toward the very people in charge of regulating them.

Hey Kettle, the Pot's Calling

Lobbyists play a vital role in our democracy. They are an important part of keeping members of Congress knowledgeable about a variety of things—from derivatives trading to county tax issues to government reform. It is when lobbyists and their wealthy clients hand over big checks to get undue influence that we start getting involved.

Norm Coleman Has Some Questions to Answer

Former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) has signed on as a lobbyist with the Washington, D.C. firm Hogan Lovells, according to a report from Minnesota Public Radio.

Wall Street Lobbies Big In 1st Quarter

The Wall Street Journal reports today (via our friends at ThinkProgress), that “Wall Street and the financial industry spent more to lobby Washington in the first quarter of this year than a year ago when Congress was writing sweeping financial-overhaul legislation.”

NEW REPORT: The Artful Dodgers

Today Public Campaign released a report detailing the actions of 12 top U.S. corporations, well-known as corporate tax dodgers, that spent over $1 billion in political money over the past decade to help maintain their tax breaks and corporate loopholes.

Fueling Washington

The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) launched a new series of reports, "Fueling Washington," highlighting the big money going into support or defeat (but let's face it, mostly defeat) comprehensive energy reform in Congress this year.


According to CRP:

New Public Campaign Action Fund Press Release Shows Huge Health Care Industry Lobbying Efforts in 3rd Quarter

The Public Campaign Action Fund issued a press release today showing that the largest 13 health insurers and their trade association spent $2.7 million per month in the 3rd quarter lobbying to fight off health care reform.


Top 25 Spenders in the Health Care Debate

The National Journal has a story today showing the top 25 spenders in the health care debate, based on total lobbying expenses for the first half of 2009.


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