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Details emerge

In Tony Rudy's factual proffer, he stipulated that this was true:


9. The things of value corruptly given to Rudy and others included, but were not limited to, repeated travel, golf fees, frequent restaurant meals, entertainment, election support for candidates for government and employment for relatives of officials.


More information on Rudy guilty plea

TPMMuckraker is on top of this as always. Here is the Information document, and here is TPPM's analysis. They think there's no conclusive evidence that DeLay, who is mentioned as "Representative #2" in the document, is on or off the hook. Rep. Bob Ney, though, is another matter. There's also no mention of Ed Buckham, for those of you keeping score at home.

Context on Rudy pleading

We’ll likely see the Tony Rudy pleading document later today, and in it there will be more details. For now, here’s some quick analysis:


Google Goes To Washington

"Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one," company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin said when they announced the innovative IPO auction almost two years ago. Yet they are employing the same tactics that corporate behemoths use to influence legislation--hiring lobbyists and spreading around campaign cash.

Read David Donnelly's op-ed in CNET.com (also posted below) on how Google is playing politics as usual in our nation’s capitol.

Two possible explanations

Norm Ornstein has a column in Roll Call (subscription only). With all the scandals involving former Tom DeLay staffers (Ed Buckham, Tony Rudy, Michael Scanlon -- who else?), you'd have to come up with one of two explanations for DeLay's role, according to Ornstein:


A Rabbi, a Military Officer, and a NHL Referee Go Into a Courtroom....

Jack Abramoff will be sentenced today in Miami, Florida as a result of his guilty plea to conspiracy and wire fraud charges stemming from his attempted purchase of a fleet of gambling boats.  According to the Houston Chronicle, in an attempt for leniency, Abramoff had some 260 people write letters on his behalf including rabbis, military officers, and a professional hockey referee.

From the letter of NHL referee Dave Jackson:

GOP-gle: Search engine comes to Washington, plays same old game

Google is setting up a lobbying operation in Washington and collecting lobbyists and public relations consultants faster than, well, you can search for links to "Jack Abramoff."


Even while they are newcomers to Washington, they have apparently learned the lessons of the K Street Project -- the Republican effort to force businesses to hire only Republican lobbyists and to make donations to GOP candidates and committees, and to fill the major lobbying firms with Republican staffers from Capitol Hill.


MUST READ: Rolling Stone Reporter Crashes Burns' Fundraiser as a Lobbyist

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi impersonated a lobbyist and gained entry into Sen. Conrad Burns' birthday fundraiser -- and then wrote about it!


Taibbi pretends he's the lobbyist for a Russian oil company wanting to drill for oil in the Grand Canyon. It's hilarious. You'll laugh, and then you'll cry when you think about the fact that this is how our democracy works. 

While Voters Vote...DeLay Parties With Lobbyists in D.C.

Tom DeLay won't be in Houston for today's primary. Instead he's partying in D.C. at a fundraiser hosted by lobbyists Bill Paxon and Susan Molinari, both former lawmakers from New York. See the CNN report here.

Could there be better proof that DeLay cares more about his cash constituents than his those folks back in Sugarland?

How confident (and tone deaf) is DeLay?

From the Wall Street Journal (no link):

Former Majority Leader DeLay, girding for November defense of his House seat, plans fund-raiser Tuesday hosted by lobbyists Bill Paxon and Susan Molinari.

Next Tuesday is the primary election in Texas. Nice message to voters in Sugarland, and everywhere, huh?

DeLay: It's primary election day and I'm spending it raising money from lobbyists.