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Associated Press: DeLay and Abramoff talked daily

From Sharon Theimer of AP:

The Northern Marianas billing and correspondence records of Abramoff's former lobbying firm, Preston Gates, were obtained by The Associated Press under an open records request approved by the island government.

Rules are pesky things, huh?

[Ed. note: I didn't notice that I was making a second post on this... since I've added some additional content from today's coverage, read down...]

Lobbyist's Paid For DeLay Flight To London and Scotland

Washington Post Headline: DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card

From the story:

Ethics is soooo 1995.

David Sirota has this blast from the past:

Phew. DeLay resting a little easier tonight.


Yesterday's main Republican talking point defending Tom DeLay was this:

"Tom DeLay did nothing wrong," Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., told reporters after the weekly GOP caucus meeting. "There's no evidence of any breaking of the House rules."

Lou Dubose answers the question "How does DeLay stay in power?"

Author/journalist Lou Dubose does some of the best, most thorough reporting on Tom DeLay and DeLay Inc. This morning he has a long piece in Salon (which you can read if you have a subscription or watch a trailer to a movie to get a day pass).

Here's Lou's quick answer to why DeLay is still in power:

Double Trouble for DeLay

Breaking news in Washington Post and New York Times:

Washington Post: A Third DeLay Travel Controversy

New York Times: Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader

More soon...

Molly Ivins, on the money

I don't know how I missed this Molly Ivins column last week, but miss it I did. Even still, it's worth a read. Here are a few pitch-perfect paragraphs:

Pray for Tom DeLay, and other news round-ups

Ken Bode, formerly of CNN and now a journalism professor at DePauw University, pens an oped for the Indianapolis Star that starts out with language from an urgent email alert asking recipients to pray for "Christian statesman" Tom DeLay. It's reminiscent of the statements made by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation earlier this week that the attacks against DeLay were "spiritual warfare." The op-ed invokes the late Hunter S. Thompson at the end: