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Washington Post editorial: Maryland, where good government reforms go to die

The Washington Post has an editorial today on the Maryland General Assembly and the lack of action on good government reforms, despite a number of recent scandals.


"Only in the Maryland General Assembly, where reform legislation goes to
die, would so few be struck by the irony that bills to shine a light on
government and dampen the influence of special interests are killed more
or less in secret."


Baltimore Sun Editorial Urges Maryland General Assembly to Push Ahead with Clean Elections

The Baltimore Sun has an editorial today that urges Maryland lawmakers to push ahead with Clean Elections legislation next session despite an unfavorable court ruling in Connecticut.


"The bottom line is that nothing in Judge Underhill's opinion should deter the Maryland General Assembly from moving forward with reforms next year."


Maryland ad

Earlier in the week, our partners in Maryland put a full page ad in the Baltimore Sun highlighting the correlation between electricity deregulation and campaign contributions from the industry. See the ad below:



Power to...the Special Interests?

Public Campaign Action Fund has released the following online advertisement regarding the disaster of electric utility deregulation in Maryland and its correlation with campaign contributions to elected officials in the state.

Time is Of The Essence

The Maryland legislature will reconvene in January and the Baltimore Sun reminds them how important it is to pass a bill creating a Clean Elections full public financing system for state legislative campaigns.

The bill nearly passed in the last session. It came just one vote shy. And Marylanders have been treated to enough scandals from their elected officials to know that the time has come to change the way candidates finance their campaigns:


Pride or the PAC

Just as presidential candidates must choose between principle and viability when it comes to opting into the public financing program, opposition from within his own party and from Democrats in next year's election is forcing Rep. Wayne Gilchrest to abandon his opposition to taking PAC money just to stay competitive.

Gilchrest wants to keep his seat but well-funded rivals aren't making it easy to do so and stick with his fundraising principles:

Timing is Everything

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has called a special session of the Maryland legislature and in so doing has set off a debate about the propriety of legislators holding fundraisers which involve stakeholders in the legislation they're debating. Holding fundraisers during a special session is legal -- but is it ethical?

Fundraising is banned during normal sessions:

Let the Change Fit the Crime

The Baltimore Sun tells the Maryland legislature that if the latest revelations of corruption among their ranks are making them nervous they need to get serious about passing Clean Elections: The message of the transcripts is that companies such as Comcast are expected to do favors for a top leader in the General Assembly. This isn't how public policy ought to be conducted.

Lobby Day in Maryland

On Thursday, February 22nd, I had the privilege of meeting six volunteers from Public Campaign who were in Annapolis, Maryland to ask their legislators to support public financing of legislative elections. They were joined by staff and volunteers from several organizations including Progressive Maryland and Common Cause. It was an exciting day and we accomplished a lot.

Letter from Maryland

Here's another great example of a letter to the editor in support of Clean Elections -- this one appears in the Business Gazette in support of the public financing bills being considered by the Maryland legislature. Writing to your local paper is a great way to get the word out about Clean Elections and we have a tool that makes it easier than ever! Take a few minutes to write one yourself!