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Mitch McConnell's Sandbag Dinners

Want to know how Washington works? A recent story Sen. Mitch McConnell on CNN, sheds some light on the shadier side of Washington politics:

NEW POLL: Mitch McConnell vulnerable on issue of money in politics

A new poll commissioned by Public Campaign Action Fund indicates that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's stance on money in politics is a vulnerability. The poll, which was conducted by Lake Research Partners, surveyed 5,000 Kentucky voters and found that McConnell's opposition to sensible campaign finance restrictions may not play well at the polls.

Mitch McConnell Uses Opposition To Syria Strikes As Campaign Cash Pitch

Moments after the President concluded his speech on the situation in Syria, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) sent out a fundraising email in an attempt to leverage his opposition to military strikes for campaign contributions.

Amgen Lobbyist Donated $3,000 to Mitch McConnell in December

Hunter Bates, a longtime aide to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), donated $3,000 to McConnell’s campaign in December while he was on contract with pharmaceutical giant Amgen to lobby on “fiscal cliff issues,” according to recently released FEC reports. McConnell has faced criticism at home and in Washington for his possible role in the $500 million windfall for Amgen that was included in the final fiscal cliff legislation.