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McCutcheon, McConnell, and McDonald's: The Triple Play Threat Against Low-Wage Workers and Democracy

Did you know the NRA is the biggest political financier of opposition to a federal minimum wage increase? No, not the gun lobby, but the National Restaurant Association. Public Campaign Action Fund’s own Rahna Epting and LeeAnn Hall of the Community Organizations in Action tackled the other insidious NRA in their op-ed “The Triple Play Against Low Wage Workers: McCutcheon, McConnell, and McDonald’s.”  They wrote:

Mitch McConnell and the Minimum Wage

From the 1997 until 2007, the federal minimum wage remained at $5.15, even as gas, grocery and other bills escalated[1] . The inflationary pressures were particularly hard on the 1,148,000 Kentuckians who, according to the most recent government data, earn the bare minimum.[2]  This was the longest period the wage did not increase since its inception in 1938.[3]  It should be noted that during that time the salary for U.S. senators increased nearly 24 percent.[4]