New York City

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Mitt Romney's Big NYC Fundraiser

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will return to New York City on Friday for a “seated breakfast” fundraiser at the Hilton New York, according to an invitation obtained by the Sunlight Foundation.

The event boasts over 100 co-chairs, including Wall Street executives, some of the country’s wealthiest Americans, and major donors to the Romney-aligned super PAC, Restore Our Future (some fit into more than one of these categories).
Here are a few standouts:

Clean Elections Introduced In New York

Elizabeth Benjamin at the New York Daily News covers New York City Council member Tony Avella's introduction yesterday of Clean Elections legislation to cover city races, an upgrade on New York's existing matching funds program. The article's a bit dismissive of Clean Elections in general but does mention the precedent for pursuing new campaign finance solutions in the city.

Bopp Backwards

I could scratch my head until I hit grey matter and I still wouldn't understand this one. James Bopp Jr., a lawyer with a history of challenging campaign finance limits, has filed suit alleging that New York City's new limits on donations from industries that do business with the city is discriminatory against...minority candidates. Points for creativity, Mr. Bopp, but the logic leaves something to be desired.