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Frank Underwood Reacts To Governor Cuomo's Meddling In Anti-Corruption Commission

The New York Times released a bombshell investigation today into the questionable tactics employed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to influence the Moreland Commission, the anti-corruption commission he created to clean up Albany. Here are some of the craziest parts of the stories, with reactions from two of our favorite shows about political scandals, House of Cards and Scandal.

Major National Donors to Cuomo: Lead On Public Financing of Elections!

The New York Times reports this morning on a letter sent to Gov. Andrew Cuomo from about 140 major national donors urging him to push for small donor-based public financing of state elections this year. The message from this letter is clear: words aren't enough; it's time for Gov. Cuomo to lead on this issue.

From the article:

Front Page Fair Elections Story in New York Times!

The New York Times has a front page story today on the effort to bring Fair Elections to New York State legislative races. The story focuses on "an unusual and well-heeled coalition, trying to tap public anger over the flood of money into politics, (who are) pushing to enact a public financing system for elections in New York State."

Budget Deal: Lobbyists score big win

While much of the attention in the 11th hour budget deal was focused on policy riders dealing with social issues, the New York Times reports that wealthy business interests successfully killed "free-choice vouchers," a key health care law provision that would have allowed some workers to pick their own insurance coverage through employer-financed vouchers.

Major Newspapers Editorialize on Looming Supreme Court Decision

With the pending U.S. Surpreme Court ruling in McComish v.

New York State Legislature Rocked By Yet Another Corruption Scandal

The New York Times reports today on yet another corruption scandal in the New York state legislature. Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger (D), along with state Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. (D), and Richard Lipsky, an influential lobbyist, are expected to turn themsleves in on corruption charges today.

New York Times Editorializes On OCE Investigation, Calls For The Fair Elections Now Act

The New York Times editorialized yesterday on the ongoing Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into the fundraising activities of three members of Congress and calls for the Fair Elections Now Act as an alternative to the current big money-driven system.


Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly In The New York Times

Public Campaign Action Fund National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, has a letter to the editor in the New York Times today in response to an article on the recent retirement announcement by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.).


Connecticut Clean Elections is Good News for the Times

The New York Times this morning is running a strong and positive story about Connecticut’s Clean Elections program, spelling out its ability to level the playing field among candidates and reduce their need to constantly ask for money.The state this year became the third, after Maine and Arizona, to implement full public financing of statewide elections.


In the article “Connecticut Hopefuls Flock to Public Financing,” Peter Applebome reports: