New York

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Come Out Swinging

New York's Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer has announced a slate of reforms he plans to put in place on January 1 for his administration. The new rules include new contributions limits and lobbying restrictions, among others.


Clean Elections for New York

New York's campaign donation limits are easily circumvented, rules regulating lobbying during an election year are few and far between, and incumbents hold tremendous advantage in the fundraising game: the state needs a Clean Elections law and the Albany Times-Union has published an editorial by Public Campaign's Executive Director, Nick Nyhart, explaining why.


Nick's On The Road

Our Executive Director, Nick Nyhart, has packed his bags and a few copies of the Voters First Pledge and headed to New York for a few days to take part in activities organized by Citizen Action of New York's (CANY) Federal PAC to talk about the Voters First Pledge and make personal visits to candidates asking them to sign.


New York Loophole

The Brennan Center for Justice recently declared New York's campaign finance laws among the worst in the country and The New York Times offers a staggering example of why.