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A Donor's a Donor

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari is a generous guy. Since 2002, he's given $15,250 to the National Republican Congressional Committee. And yesterday he was charged with funding a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.

Make of this what you will...

At least someone has limits on what they'd do for cash.


Movie star and pop singer Jessica Simpson, recently of Dukes of Hazard fame, refused to appear at a Republican fundraising event to meet with Bush. It's not clear why the fundraising event is the only time on Bush's schedule.


Ads targeting three GOP members for defending DeLay unveiled

Public Campaign Action Fund is unveiling three TV ads today in a campaign to take Tom DeLay's scandals directly to members of Congress. Tom DeLay is a walking scandal, and Republicans should answer for why they continue to let him be their leader. He should resign immediately.

BUGS CEO gets award from DeLay, a former exterminator

I am not making this one up. Promise.