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New polling in battleground congressional districts shows strong support for Fair Elections

A recent Lake Research Partners survey among 700 likely voters in key battleground congressional districts shows broad and strong bipartisan support for the Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752, H.R. 6116/1826).


The survey reached 700 likely voters in battleground congressional districts (identified as “toss up” districts in the Cook Political Report rankings. Here are some of the key findings:


Poll Shows Citizens United ruling has added to voter anger with Washington

Politico has a story today on a recent poll commissioned by Common Cause, Change Congress and Public Campaign Action Fund that shows that voters believe special interests run the show in Washington. The survey also showed voters strongly favor revamping the campaign finance system with the Fair Elections Now Act.


Voters demand response to Citizens United

While most of Washington is still digging out of this weekend's blizzard, Public Campaign Action Fund joined with Common Cause and Change Congress to release new polling today on the impact of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and the Fair Elections Now Act.


The results aren't surprising - voters are disillusioned by Washington and think that special interests have too much influence on the policy making process.


Here are some key points:


More information on Polling and Voters First Pledge

Here is a section of the results from the polling we co-released with other reform organizations on Wednesday regarding the political impact of signing -- or not signing -- the Voters First Pledge.


On a generic ballot test between Candidate A, who has taken positions in line with the Republican Party, and Candidate B, who has taken positions in line with the Democratic Party, Candidate A has a 16 point lead: