Presidential election

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Mitt Romney's Lobbyist Fundraiser

Next week, on June 26th, Gov. Mitt Romney will be holding a “Lawyers for Romney” lunch in Washington, D.C. with a host committee that is a who’s who of DC insiders.

Because It's Never Too Early

The 2012 presidential election is, for all intents and purposes, already in full swing. And The Atlantic reports today that potential Republican contender, business tycoon Donald Trump, may already be in hot water over alleged campaign finance violations.

Putting Money on the Map

The FEC just released a new tool to make the campaign finance data they have on hand more accessible to and interpretable by the public. This new map feature gives a visual representation of how campaign contributions from individuals to presidential candidates are distributed by state and by zip code. Ignore that the U.S. seems to have contracted blue measles and take a look at the map!

Fundraising First

The presidential election is starting to feel a little like the holiday season: it comes earlier each time, costs more, and you really get sick of the commercials. Except when the elections are over, rather than being left with a mountain of holiday debt, you've got a President in debt to wealthy special interests.