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Groups Serve Big Money Super PAC with "People's Indictment" for Trying to Buy Our Democracy

Karl Rove's "American Crossroads" super PAC, the Koch brothers, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have a plan to funnel $1 billion of corporate money into buying rhe White House and Congress in November.

Occupy Democracy

Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) issued a statement today on the growing Occupy Wall Street movement, which is now spreading all over the country.

VIdeo: Wisconsin-DC Protest

On Wednesday, we helped organize a protest to welcome Wisconsin Republicans to their big money lobbyist fundraiser in Washington, D.C. Here's a short clip of how it all went down.

Early Coverage of Yesterday's Wisconsin GOP D.C. Corporate Lobbyist Fundraiser Protest

Yesterday's protest of the Wisconsin Republican corporate lobbyist money grab drew a huge crowd to downtown Washington, D.C. Public Campaign Action Fund, along with a number of other organizations in the area, organized the event that helped send a message that working familes, not corporate campaign cash, should come first.

Here's a round up of the early coverage of the protest:

Protestors Target Rep. Ney

Protestors gathered at the Knox County Service Center to voice their opposition to Rep. Bob Ney's (OH-18) intent to seek reelection. Ney was inside the building holding a community forum.

Protestor Dave Lore: