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New York Times Editorial to Cuomo: "top priority now should be to clean up Albany’s pay-to-play culture."

Shortly before Christmas, the New York Times editorialized on what the top priorities should be for Gov. Cuomo in 2012. Topping the list is an overhaul of the campaign finance system, specifically public financing of campaigns.

From the New York Times editorial: "Mr. Cuomo promised to root out corruption and clean up campaign money. It should top his to-do list for 2012."

How Many More Times Does This Have to Happen, New York?

Deja vu, anyone? Yet another in a long line of scandals has hit the New York State Assembly. This time it's Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. (again), who allegedly collected a $3,800 bribe from an undercover FBI agent at a fundraiser in Brooklyn, according to New York Capitol News.

Taxpayers and Public Financing

USA Today writes about the declining number of people checking the box to earmark $3 on their tax return for the presidential public financing fund. The article discusses a number of reasons for the decline but one of the biggest has to be that there's very little public education on it anymore -- I keep track of news on public financing for a living after all, and I haven't seen more than a couple of articles explaining or promoting the check-off system.


How About a Little Ambition

The Democrats are working out the particulars of the ethics legislation they will roll out in January, and while some members of Congress seem resistant to change, others argue that the proposals on the table don't do nearly enough. I'd have to agree.