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In his final State of the Union address last night President Bush announced his intention to wield the veto pen against congressional earmarks but it's too little, too late for the billions in secret spending that have already been doled out for pork barrel project rewards to campaign contributors. Many, including Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly, tell the Boston Globe that Bush should have gone much farther.

McConnell Speculation

Kentucky's Courier-Journal and the AP have picked up on our analysis of Sen.

Good Work

New Jersey's Courier-News profiled Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly this weekend. The article talks about what drew Donnelly to his work, which includes having managed the winning Maine and Massachusetts Clean Elections campaigns, and having developed innovative efforts to hold Tom DeLay and Ralph Reed accountable.

Having seen the corrosive effects of political fundraising first-hand, Donnelly saw the promise in a Clean Elections alternative:


Positive New Jersey Coverage

The Trenton Times has provided ample coverage of New Jersey's Clean Elections pilot project this year, and contributes another editorial in support of the project and its potential expansion today.

Company in Kentucky

Public Campaign Action Fund is featured in this article about groups expressing their displeasure with Sen. Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) job performance. The article mentions our efforts to hold him accountable for doing favors for his biggest campaign contributors.

Good Coverage in New Jersey

New Jersey's well into the second cycle of its Clean Elections pilot project in three legislative districts and the local newspapers are doing a good job about covering the qualifying process for candidates, and getting the word out about the Clean Elections programs.


Talking Big Money in Big Sky

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly was in Missoula, Montana yesterday to attend a forum sponsored by Forward Montana on political corruption and Clean Elections. He made an appearance on local news (see "forum on Clean Elections held at UM" under "Top Videos") and on Montana public radio (click here to download). Definitely listen to the radio piece; a substantive discussion of the issues at hand.

Upcoming Missoula Event

This article in The Missoula Indepedent discusses Montana's recent efforts on public financing of judicial races, the state's brush with the Jack Abramoff scandal in the form of former Senator Conrad Burns, and an upcoming event, sponsored by Forward Montana and featuring our David Donnelly, on political corruption and countering its influence.

Good Start

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly has a letter to the editor in today's Philadelphia Inquirer praising the new campaign donation limits passed by the city, but urging a move towards Clean Elections public financing as outlined in the Philadelphia Fair and Clean Elections pledge signed by Democratic and Republican mayoral candidates and several city council candidates.

Below is the text of the letter:


Outside and Inside Chances

The Politico delves into Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign finance disclosures and comes up with a list of bundlers from the business sector and the lobbying sector. Though positioned as an outsider to Washington politics, Romney appears to have made fast friends with some of K Street's big names.