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Checking on the Check-off

Tom Joyce at the New York Daily Record talked with Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly about the presidential public financing system: what it is, how it works, why fewer people are using the tax check-off to support the system, and how voter frustration with record campaign fundraising demonstrates the need for a revamped public financing system.

Big Money Mitch

The commercial banking and credit card industry has no better friend in Congress than Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). They've given him $535,000 in campaign contributions, and he's given them legislation that boosts their profit margins and makes life harder for Americans struggling to get out of debt. So, we're rolling out a campaign to put McConnell on notice, and hope you'll join us: he needs to put the interests of voters ahead of his biggest campaign contributors.


Old Habits Die Hard

Saying they will crack down on lobbyists, then raising money from them the same night? It's a mixed message from the newly minted 110th Congress, something NBC notes in this story (story and video clip) on Congress' new ethics bill, with commentary from Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly.


The Place and Time for Public Financing

Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly writes in The Baltimore Sun about the mandate voters delivered to Congress on November 8th: clean up Washington. With majority control shifting to the Democrats, and incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi putting ethics rules at the top of her list, it's time for Congress to get behind full public financing of congressional elections.