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Protest Tomorrow Morning At Americans For Tax Reform, along with co-sponsors Public Campaign Action Fund and Campaign for America's future, will be holding a peaceful protest tomorrow morning at 9:45 AM in front of the offices of Americans for Tax Reform. We'll be protesting at the site of the weekly Grover Norquist, a major player in the DeLay/GOP "K Street Project," "Wednesday Group" meeting of inside the beltway operatives.

Come on down and protest pay-to-play politics! More details below:

Groups to Protest GOP Corruption; Norquist "Pay-to-Play" Scheme

DeLay threatens TV stations about our ads

One station reported it, and then played our ad as part of the newscast.

We're working to get the ads ack on the air, and considering next steps. We can't let the bully censure TV stations -- he's intimidated Washington for too long -- we won't let him prevent the public from knowing the truth.

Ripping into Tom Feeney

The Orlando Sentinel's Mike Thomas rips into Tom Feeney and gives us a nod:

The liberal Public Campaign Action Fund once ranked Feeney as the nation's lawmaker most in the "pocket" of DeLay.

It was a proud day for the Oviedo Republican."Bottom line is, I'm a big Tom DeLay supporter," Feeney said.

Statement On New Congressional Leadership Elections

Statement of David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, On New Congressional Leadership Elections

End of the Year Goal

We don't fundraise often at the Daily DeLay, but today we're making an exception. The public needs to know about corrupt politicians and we plan to tell them -- in targeted districts around the country in 2006.

Free Enterprise Fund to Fight Earle Subpoenas

The conservative Free Enterprise Fund plans to fight subpoenas from Ronnie Earle, reports The Hill, although they have not been officially served yet. (Earle sent them courtesy copies). The group has run ads in Austin featuring a barking Rottweiler dog, with the narrative, "A prosecutor with a political agenda can be vicious." Earle is likely planning to argue that the group deliberately tainted the Travis County jury pool.

"Everyone should see these actions for what they are"

Statement by David Donnelly, National Campaigns Director of Public Campaign Action Fund, in response to claims made by DeLay's attorneys in court today:

Special Interest Group Attempting to Taint DeLay Jury Pool

Public Campaign Action Fund Calls on Free Enterprise Fund to Pull Ads Immediately

Washington, DC – Public Campaign Action Fund, a non-partisan watchdog group, today called on the Free Enterprise Fund to immediately stop running television ads that amount to jury tampering.

DeLay's wild claims

The indicted former Majority Leader is making wild claims -- first about money that Ronnie Earle has received, and then about how groups like CREW and us, Public Campaign Action Fund, are coordinating.

And of course, we find this in the Washington Times. For the record, the accusations that Earle raised corporate contributions are baseless. Earle received contributions from partnerships, not corporations.

PCAF Statement on DeLay Indictment


Calls on DeLay to resign from Congress; Leaving leadership does not go far enough