Public Financing

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Straight from the Senator's Mouth

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the visit of former Sens. Bill Bradley and Alan Simpson who are traveling the country drumming up support for public financing of congressional and presidential races and giving a candidates' perspective on the endless money chase that is the modern campaign.

Making the Ask

Politicians like to kiss babies, shake hands, and horn in on your breakfast at local diners. These days, though, candidates are spending a majority of their time locked up in a room with a telephone and a spreadsheet asking for money.


Alaska Latest Entrant

Alaska is the latest state to introduce public financing legislation in both the House and Senate, and this columnist from the Anchorage Daily News weighs in with his support for the proposal, arguing its better to spend a few bucks on elections and get accountability than let special interests finance them and walk away with favors.

He has a little proposal of his own to suggest as well:

Edwards Reiterates Support

At a campaign stop in Montclair, New Jersey presidential candidate John Edwards (D) reiterated his support for public financing of elections.

From the Montclair Times:

Public Financing Where It Counts

Nothing glazes the eyes like a treatise on campaign finance reform -- those three words calculated to enliven exactly no one -- so Dorothy Borgus and Neil Jaschik are right to use this editorial in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to go beyond the nuts and bolts of policy to a list of concerns facing New Yorkers tied directly to the way elections are financed in their pitch for full public financing.

Freshmening Up

A stable of freshman Representatives who ousted incumbents tied to fundraising scandals have put their muscle behind proposals to overhaul the way candidates for Congress finance their campaigns, including public financing. This article in Roll Call (subscription req.) looks at who is lining up behind public financing.


Wright Goes Wrong

Hmmm, something's brewing in North Carolina. Looks like Rep. Thomas Wright (D) is being investigated for misusing campaign contributions -- failing to report over $200K between 2000 and 2006 -- and some officials and campaign finance groups are calling for his resignation.

Biden Reiterates Public Financing Support

Joe Biden, on the campaign trail for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, spoke in support of public financing for campaigns. He's sponsored past public financing legislation in the Senate, and been a vocal supporter of working to counter the influence of money in politics.


From T.M. Lindsey at the Iowa Independent, here's what he said:


Who's Pledging?

More coverage from yesterday's event announcing the signers of the Philadelphia Fair and Clean Elections pledge. This article in the Philadelphia Inquirer notes mayoral candidate Tom Knox's failure to sign, though his major opponent in the Democratic primary, Michael Nutter, has signed. We've got more on the pledge (29 signers so far!), and pictures from the event here.

Primary Pressure

There's nothing like a frenzied campaign schedule to get candidates talking about the wisdom of public financing. This article in The Washington Post focuses on how the early primary in California is putting the Democratic presidential field into overdrive, and wraps with Hillary Clinton promising to put her weight behind public financing of elections if she lands in the White House.